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February 23, 2008

Esteban Toledo


ESTEBAN TOLEDO: I was very relaxed, hearing all of the people cheering for México, and it kind of got me going. I eagled the 13th hole. I think that got me going, too, and the holes coming in, I birdied the 18th hole, that kind of got me going again.
Tomorrow is going to be a tough day, but I think I can pull it off.

Q. Have you ever had an experience like that in golf?

Q. It's kind of unique.
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: When Tiger and I played in 2002, I believe, in Michigan, I think half of the nine holes it was for Tiger, and then when I caught up with them, they were all kind of pulling for me. So pulling for the underdog.

Q. This is more, "hey, this is one of our own."
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: They know I've played the TOUR for so many years and they know I have the game. They believe I can win. I believe I can win. That's the only reason I'm here.
Hearing all of the people, it's huge for me. They want to see someone win again, and I just feel great.

Q. For some people it would be pressure, but for you it seems to be motivation.
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: I don't care if it's pressure. Hey, I'm going to go out there and play my best, and they know that. As long as I try my best and they know that, that's all I care. You know, obviously I want to win, but it's just I've got to give a show to the fans, that's the most important, and if I can do that, then I can win.

Q. Were the galleries different today than the last two days?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: The last two days, they were okay, but today they all followed me. They all wanted to see me playing well, and I think that they got what they deserved. Tomorrow I think more people are going to follow me.

Q. Were they scoreboard watching when they say you were making a move?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: It happened to me once back in 2000 when John Daly was in Mexico City, and Daly was in front, and he was still huge, but I ended up winning and hopefully it happens the same tomorrow.

Q. Outside of a major, is this the tournament for you to win?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: It would be the greatest thing that could happen for México is for me to win here. It would be fantastic. On the other hand, I've made 145 cuts, and I need 150 cuts. So it could be huge tomorrow, if I can win, then there will be less pressure for me in my life. But it's going to be an exciting day tomorrow.

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