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February 23, 2008

Tiger Woods


Q. Congrats, Tiger, a wee bit of a slow start this morning, but you got your putting boots on in the back nine?
TIGER WOODS: I just had to stay patient. K.J. put a lot of pressure on me with his ball-striking. I just had to hang in there.

Q. What time was your alarm set for this morning?
TIGER WOODS: It was set for 4:45, but I got up about 3:45 this morning, ready to go.

Q. I know you are an early riser, but was that early even for you?
TIGER WOODS: No, I've got a baby at home.

Q. Looking at this afternoon, looking at Henrik Stenson, do you still go with your own game plan and react when you see what's thrown at you, or how do you go about this afternoon's match?
TIGER WOODS: I play hole-by-hole, shot-by-shot. It's just match play. Your opponent dictates what you do, and also you can make him do some things, as well. We'll play it by ear. That's how you always play match play.

Q. At this stage of a long week do you feel that your fitness, because you're a supreme athlete, do you feel that's an advantage for you that some of the other players possibly don't have?
TIGER WOODS: It can't hurt. That's one of the reasons why you train hard, so you never get tired.

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