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February 20, 2008

Hunter Mahan


Q. Your first Accenture Match Play Championship you get a first-round victory. That's got to feel pretty good.
HUNTER MAHAN: It does feel good. I felt pretty comfortable out there, excited to play. I didn't realize who I was playing, so that was kind of interesting. But yeah, had a good day.

Q. In normal golf you just play against the course, but in match play you're playing against both the course and the guy next to you. You don't know much about the guy next to you, so do you just kind of go back to kind of a stroke play idea?
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, I'm just playing golf. I'm just trying to play as good as I can, just shoot as low as I can and take a glance sometimes where he's at, if I need to play it safe or something like that, but I'm just trying to play as good as I can.

Q. And getting through the first round, again, it's got to feel pretty good to get onto that next day, get the monkey off your back a little bit?
HUNTER MAHAN: Definitely, definitely. You want to get a little bit of momentum. You want to make some birdies. It feels good to win, definitely. I'm definitely excited about upcoming matches.

Q. And talk about this course as a match play course. Is it a fun course with some reachable par-4s and reachable par-5s?
HUNTER MAHAN: Definitely. It leads to some exciting finishes, for sure. Two reachable par-4s kind of make it interesting. The greens, the way they're shaped, you kind of get some tough pins, so it's a very good match play course.

Q. That probably allows you to let it loose a little bit on some of those holes because you're not so worried about the big numbers. Is that true?
HUNTER MAHAN: You can. You kind of have to watch your opponent. If he puts it in play and plays safe, then you just don't want to swing for the fences. But that's where it was kind of back and forth a little bit, kind of watching where he's at. Some of these holes you can just give it a rip.

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