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February 17, 2008

LeBron James


Q. Take us through that dunk you had? What did you see? Why did you attack?
LEBRON JAMES: The game was tied. I didn't want to settle for a jumpshot. I had to settle for a couple jumpshots in the fourth quarter. I wanted to be aggressive and try to get the hole to get the lay-up. And when I seen those bigs coming, I didn't want to lay the ball up. They would have definitely made a play and tried to block it, so I was able to go strong and able to dunk it through.

Q. You wanted to win. Did you realize how close you were to the triple-double and was that something you were shooting for?
LEBRON JAMES: No, I just wanted to win the basketball game. They beat up on us pretty bad last year in Las Vegas, and as the East, we didn't want to allow that to happen. We wanted to try to win.
We did a good job of executing in the fourth quarter. Ray hit some big shots. Some of the biggest shots of the game, and he kept it flowing. You know, we put the finishing touch on it, and it was a dunk.

Q. With the Cavs flying under the radar in the first half of the season, how big is it for you and Daniel Gibson to come through this weekend as big as you did?
LEBRON JAMES: Oh well, we know we're still not going to get the respect we should get. That's never been a problem for us. We don't care. We just go out and play. We're always going to be the third or fourth or fifth best team in the Eastern Conference.
You know, we still go out there and win ballgames and we know when the postseason happens, you know, you've got to come get it from us, because we're very good.

Q. I know you don't care about individual awards or anything, but emotionally how does it feel to get your second MVP in three years?
LEBRON JAMES: I mean, to add the MVP trophy with the win means a lot to me. I played well, and I helped our team win the ballgame. It really means a lot to go out there and perform the way I was able to do in front of the fans of New Orleans. In front of my family, and for the Eastern Conference because we really wanted this win. We came out victorious.

Q. How competitive was it on the fourth quarter compared to other All-Stars you've participated in?
LEBRON JAMES: Well, this was one of the most competitive ones. The one in Houston was really competitive also. But you've probably seen a lot of guys faces going through the fourth quarter how competitive guys wanted to be, and, you know, who wanted the ballgame. We were able to make a couple more plays had than the Western team down the stretch. D Wade had an unbelievable block on Dirk, and Ray hit some big shots. We were down and the game was tied. And I was able to put the finishing touch on it with the dunk and kept the momentum going for us.
So competitive-wise, it was the best one. As fans and everybody that watched the game I think would think the same thing.

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