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February 16, 2008

Tim Duncan

Becky Hammon

David Robinson


THE MODERATOR: If you could each make a brief comment about your title this evening.
DAVID ROBINSON: How significant it is for you today.
BECKY HAMMON: It's going right next to his MVP trophies.
TIM DUNCAN: That's it right there. Seriously, we just got lucky. We went out there and had a game plan at first. And we had to switch Dave up a little bit, put him somewhere else. And then he comes out and shocks us with a 15-point second shot, 15-point first shot and we get through it. We just got lucky, it's a good one.
BECKY HAMMON: We just went out there and I think picked. The half courts were actually our best friends because that saved us a lot of time. So we hit those really early where we kind of struggled a little bit early. So the half court saved us, fortunately.
DAVID ROBINSON: I think the key, obviously, today was determining what the weak point was and trying to hide it. So they tried to hide me but we still came out. They carried me (laughing).
That was great. It was a lot of fun. I had more fun than I thought I was going to have.

Q. David, when you got off to a slow start there, was there any thinking that maybe Tim's the bank-shot guy, you should have switched it up?
DAVID ROBINSON: My hands were cold, and I thought I got to make this shot. After three meals it gets a lot harder after that. So fortunately I made the second shot in one, and gave us a chance. They were great, they were steady. So, yeah, my nerves were wrecked after that first four or five shots.

Q. Have you ever made a half court shot in a competitive situation ever?
TIM DUNCAN: In a game?

Q. No, in any sort of competitive situation even in a H-O-R-S-E game?
TIM DUNCAN: Absolutely, I make them all the time. That's not even sarcastic, that's actually true.

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