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February 14, 2008

Chad Campbell


Q. How did it go?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was good. I played well. I drove the ball better than I have been. I drove it in the majority of the fairways and hit a lot of good iron shots and was able to roll in quite a few putts. Putted pretty well today.

Q. Best round since, when, would you say?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's hard to say. I had good some rounds earlier this year in Hawaii. Mercedes I played pretty solid all week, and Sony kind of the same. I feel like I played pretty solid.
Today I drove the ball a lot better than I have been.

Q. Head cover off all day?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, of course. Had to show the Nike driver.

Q. Such a good pitchman you are. What do you like about this course?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it's one of my favorites, one of probably top three, if not my favorite, all year, that we get to play. Just an old-style, traditional golf course. A lot like Colonial, another one of my favorites.
You've got to hit a lot of good shots. You've got to think your way around the golf course. It's not overly long. You know, you've got to hit a lot of short irons into greens that are sloping away from you and stuff like that, you know, a lot more character than a lot of the courses that -- some of the courses that we play today.

Q. If Adam Scott's victory didn't count as an official win, does that mean it's not an official playoff loss for you?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I guess so, that's true. I never looked at it that way. That's a good way to look at it. Hopefully everybody else does as well. So I'm 0-for-0 -- no. I'm 0-for-1. Lickliter got me in Tucson quite a while ago.

Q. How did you play 10?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I hit 2-iron today. 2-iron, 60-degree, in the bunker. That's one of the -- I think it's great -- I've played every year, this is the seventh year I've been there and I still don't know what the right play is. I've tried it all. I've hit driver, probably hit driver majority of the time and you know, today, hit 2-iron and you've got to hit a great little wedge shot in there to hold that green. It was blowing straight down and got a little cute with it, so it's a great golf hole.

Q. How are the conditions today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was about as windy as I've ever seen it here. It's playing pretty tough. 9 and 18 were playing right into the wind, playing pretty long. I hit 3-wood into 18 which is not very fun.
I hit 2-iron, I didn't hit a very good tee shot. I hit 2-iron to the front of the green and 2-putted there.

Q. What's the typical club selection?
CHAD CAMPBELL: That hole, you're usually hitting back of the green, maybe usually no more than 4-iron, no wind, if you can get it into the second bunker and have probably 220 hole.

Q. What about 18?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's a little more than that. I've hit 4-iron into 18 quite a bit.

Q. Sorry to have lost track of you, but are you in next week?

Q. How close did you come?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not very. I didn't even look, I'm high 80s, low 90s last time I checked. Get back to moving back the right direction this year. Working on a lot of good things, so I'm definitely happy where things are going. Putting it better and driving it a little better and driving it a little better and hitting irons a little better, so a lot more confidence than last year.

Q. Do you notice a difference with the new title sponsor, any different wrinkles that Northern Trust is trying to do?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I know they are very excited. I met a guy at registration, I'm sorry I can't remember his name but he was very excited with what they are doing and very excited to have the tournament. I just told him, I go, "This is one of best ones we have all year and glad they are a part of it."

Q. Golf course is the main selling point --
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, they are great, they give you some gift there is at registration which is always a nice perk. I think they will be great.

Q. What kind of a gift?
CHAD CAMPBELL: They gave us a Wii and sent flowers to our wife and I think a purse.

Q. Are you a video game guy?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not really but I heard those are pretty cool so we'll give it a go. Used to be but I don't have time anymore for it.

Q. Can you feel a difference in tournaments when there is a change in title sponsor? Is it something you guys even notice?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, at times, absolutely. At times when I come to the tournament, mainly I come to the tournament just because of the golf course pretty much. You know, the perks are great and there are guys that really, really enjoy that and that draws them to the tournament.
Me, it's mainly just the golf course, but definitely appreciate what they have done, stepped up and raised the purse and done great things.

Q. How do you deal with the traffic? Phil flies, do you stay west of the course?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Took me a couple of years to learn that but absolutely, because I'm down at the beach hotel at 10 and Ocean Drive. So as long you stay west of the golf course, you're fine. I've got figured out now.

Q. When you see John Daly on the leaderboard --
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, I mean, pulling for myself a little more. That might be selfish, but no, he's a good guy. I know he's working hard this year and I know he's had some injuries. He played behind me in the Hope and had to pull out there.
You know, I know before the round he was laying on the ground getting stretched by Jim, one of the guys that works on a few players out here. I know he was hurting there. I know he's working hard at it and wants to get back to the caliber of player that he is.

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