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October 9, 2004

Stephen Gallacher


STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yes, no bunkers and one dropped shot is pretty good round here considering my past performances here have't all that great. I can't remember ever doing any good round here, even in my amateur days, in things like the Links Trophy I was never in contention or anything like that so I'm very happy with that. I must have played here over 30 times, something like that. I can't remember exactly what my previous best was, probably four under or something like that. It's not the coldest I've experienced it, but it was tough and tricky, especially with the length of time you are out there. I teed off at 10:50 a.m. and it is now 4:50 p.m., which is six hours. You need a packed lunch bag out there.

Lucky the place I am staying in has brilliant food. We are eating big, massive T-Bones every night. It is The Barns Restaurant in Kingsbarns, all the Scots boys are staying there. The breakfasts are a joke as well, we are not sure whether to eat it or climb it! But we need it the length of time we are out there. The guy's name is Ian Murtagh who owns it. Me, Gary Orr, Alastair Forsyth, Steven O'Hara and Dean Robertson are staying there. So I hope he has a big T-Bone steak ready for me now.

Q. Thoughts for tomorrow?

STEPHEN GALLACHER: It'll be a big day for me tomorrow, no question. But I am just going to try and go out and enjoy it. The guy I am playing with is great (Sir Martyn Arbib). He is good to play with and he is certainly enjoying it too because he has holed three shots in the days that I have been playing with him. He holed his third shot at Kingsbarns yesterday and he holed his eight iron at the tenth today for a two, that was our first hole. I think he has had five net eagles in total. He plays off 13 -- he's a good 13.

Q. Does that take some of the pressure off you?

STEPHEN GALLACHER: It is just nice to play with guys that are decent guys and you can get a nice chat out there with them. It is hard if you have guys that you don't get on with, you have to click with the people and we're having a good laugh. I think he is retired because he goes to Sandy Lane in Barbados for three months every winter. He has a house out there.

Q. What are your chances of rolling over the three English guys at the top of the leaderboard (before McDowell joined them)?

STEPHEN GALLACHER: Well you never know do you. You just have to keep playing and try to play the same way as I did today. If I do that I have a chance because I gave myself a lot of chances today. I holed a few and I missed a few. These greens are so hard to read though. Still using the belly putter.

Q. This must be one of your best chances of winning?

STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yes this would be nice. I've done a lot of work with Adam (Hunter) this week as well. I wasn't playing particularly well in practice, mind you it was a 40mph wind so we worked it out, myself and Stan and Adam and I am hitting the ball well right now. It certainly makes it a bit easier.

Q. Do you get a lift playing in Scotland?

STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yes, all my friends are in the crowds so that helps and you don't have to get a flight home, which is always good. If I play tomorrow the way I've played the first three days I'll be happy.

Q. Is there anything in particular you did with Adam?

STEPHEN GALLACHER: Just basically trying to make it simple and hit the same shot every time. I worked a lot on the three-quarter shots because that is almost every shot you hit out here is a three-quarter shot. So that has been helping us keep the shots down a little bit and it is almost a club more.

Q. Do you get a special feeling when you come to the Old Course?

STEPHEN GALLACHER: Well the aura round about it makes it special, doesn't it. It doesn't matter when you play, it can be six in the morning or eight at night, there is always people there, it is just a great place. I think the course grows on you as well. I didn't like it to start with but the more you play it the more you like it. It is one of the those courses which you don't think much of the first time you play it but after a few times you start to learn stuff like, if you miss it, you have to miss it a certain way and stuff like that. But I am looking forward to tomorrow, especially with my partner. To do the double whammy would certainly be nice.

End of FastScripts.

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