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February 10, 2008

Vijay Singh


Q. (On birdie to force the playoff with third shot from 45 yards).
VIJAY SINGH: It was a perfect number for me, I needed to make a birdie, obviously.

Q. (About finishing second).
VIJAY SINGH: I'm very disappointed. I let this one slip away. I didn't think I was going to lose this. I need to go re-think and see what really went wrong. I played well, I played well down the stretch, but on the middle of the back nine I let some go away.

Q. (On the stretch of bogeys on the back nine).
VIJAY SINGH: The shot on 14 wasn't a bad shot. It just spun off the green and all of a sudden I made a bogey there. I hit a poor chip on 15 and a bad tee shot on 16. One bad shot after another in three holes in succession.

Q. (On the first two shots in the playoff).
VIJAY SINGH: I tried to hit a really big tee ball, go over the trees, and I pushed it right. I caught my second shot a little too thin, and I wanted to bounce it way up there. Probably should have taken a 6- or 7-iron. I hit it thin to get it down there.

Q. (On the third shot in the playoff).
VIJAY SINGH: 200 yards. 4-iron. Hit a pretty good shot, up in the air and it just didn't come back because of the wind. Unfortunately it was plugged there as well, and made a good up-and-down. He made a good birdie to win.

Q. Good bunker shot there in the playoff for your fourth shot
VIJAY SINGH: I gave it all I had. I knew he had a pretty good shot to win.

Q. What happened today - you seemed to be cruising.
VIJAY SINGH: I was feeling pretty good. I wasn't playing bad, just one or too bad shots. I was in control, but those took a little air out of me. I still should have won the tournament, there's no excuse for that.

Q. How does this happen, a player that has won as much as you have?
VIJAY SINGH: I haven't been in this position for a while. This is good, though. It's going to be very positive going into next week. Each time you get in a situation like this, you learn more from it. I'm going to learn more from not winning.

Q. You will examine each shot?
VIJAY SINGH: I have to think and see why the shots went bad. I will go back and do that. See what went wrong.

Q. What club hurt you today?
VIJAY SINGH: I wasn't very happy with the driver today. That is what let me down all day.

Q. Staying with the short putter?
VIJAY SINGH: That's going to be in the bag for a while.

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