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February 4, 2008

Sabine Lisicki


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Sabine.

Q. Tough loss, but I imagine you will take some positives out of this experience?
SABINE LISICKI: Oh, yeah. I've had a great week. I've worked a lot. We've been here since Sunday last week. We've worked a lot here. I had a very good first match.
I mean, it's tennis: you lose and you win. I haven't played my best today, of course. I didn't serve well. But that's tennis. That's how it goes.

Q. You seem to have a lot more big game than she has, but she seemed to use her speed well and seemed to read your serve a little bit better today than Lindsay did. Is that true?
SABINE LISICKI: Well, I didn't serve as good as on Saturday. That's also a fact, that I didn't serve as many first serves. Well, that's a big thing. I mean, I did so many points with my first serve, also against Ashley.
But it's okay.

Q. Can you take us through the second set. You were trading breaks back and forth. Can you take us through your mindset. Double-fault, you broke back...
SABINE LISICKI: Yeah. Well, I tried to focus on every single point. Well, okay, I double-faulted again (laughter). That happens. I've been working a lot on my serve, and I'm still working on it. I'm trying to improve it.
Now I'm doing a couple double-faults, like, too many. But I hope in the future it will get better so...

Q. You broke right back. How are you feeling at that point then?
SABINE LISICKI: Yeah, of course, it was going back and forth. Well, again, you have to concentrate on every single point.
You know, it doesn't always go the way you want it to go. I mean, that's how it went. It was up and down, up and down. I was playing better, then she was doing some amazing points, then again me.
I mean, it was very close. All the games I think were close. It wasn't that she was completely dominating or it was me. I mean, it was okay.

Q. You obviously have a very powerful game, big serve, big groundstrokes. Do you think sometimes you might have to rein those big strokes in occasionally and not quite go for so much sometimes?
SABINE LISICKI: Oh, yeah. I'm trying to improve my game. I'm young, so I still have to learn when to play what shots. I'm just starting to play those big tournaments. In ITF tournaments, I could just go for my shots and the girls wouldn't get them.
It's a little bit different. I have to do more shots here. Yeah, of course, I have to learn that.

Q. It appears you have like a rhythm going on when you're on the court. Is there something going on, like a rhythm? How was your rhythm today?
SABINE LISICKI: Well, yeah, you always have a rhythm on the court. You at least try to have a nice rhythm.
Well, today, it was okay. It wasn't the best rhythm I had. I had a very good one on Saturday. That's how it goes. I mean, I tried to stay focused and concentrate on the next point. Well, unfortunately I lost today. I mean, next matches are coming.

Q. As we saw with the Super Bowl last night, there are underdog teams that just never give up. Was there a feeling over the last couple days that even though you guys were the underdogs, you really could do this and pull off an upset?
SABINE LISICKI: Oh, yeah, for sure. Especially when I beat Lindsay in the first match. I think nobody thought that I would do that (laughter). I mean, it was very good. So we were hoping that Tatjana would play well. Unfortunately, she didn't. Again, she tried her best. She tried to win.
That's how it goes. We're a team. So we're looking as a team on it. Once you lose, once you win. It's okay. Next time.

Q. Oftentimes before big points, you'll turn away from the baseline, kind of talk to yourself, jump up and down a little bit. What are you saying to yourself?
SABINE LISICKI: Let's do this next point. Let's fight for the next point.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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