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February 3, 2008

Louis Oosthuizen


Q. A fantastic round of golf but obviously disappointed to bogey the last, what happened there on the third shot?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, as I stood over the shot, I felt a little breeze into myself, and yesterday, that distance, I had exactly the same distance. I think I hit it just slightly thin, and I could have got clear with that bunker shot but there was not a lot of sand in it. I thought if I could get it just like a yard further, might release down and give myself a chance for par, but yeah, it happens.

Q. Starting six shots behind, at what point did you think you had a run at it?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: My eagle, I had a great second shot in there, and I holed a 15-footer for eagle, and after that, I thought I'm hitting very well and hit it six foot on 11, missed the putt. Made three good birdies, and from there, yeah, I always thought I had a chance getting to 13, and I was really, really relaxed out there, Dyson and myself had a nice laugh.
Yeah, it was good. Slightly disappointed maybe on the 18th, but it happens.

Q. What will you do next, because it's not over, obviously.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, going to the players' lounge I think and sit around and see what happens.

Q. You really got that one going.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I still missed one or two putts. Played really nicely, yeah.

Q. What was the second shot at 18?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: 5-iron. I had about 189 metres to the front.

Q. Did you ever a figure in your head before you set out, thinking, hang on --
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I thought to be honest starting at 5-under, I thought if I could get myself to 19, I might finish Top-5 or something. I was hitting it well yesterday and I hit it well the second round. And I got it going at 10 and then 12, 13, 14 obviously and missed a short one on 15. Just hit it through the break.
Yeah, I'm quite happy with the way I played. I haven't been in this situation a lot of times, especially with woods playing and Ernie playing.

Q. Where does this rate in your career considering the situation?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: At the moment, one of the best. Hopefully, well, there's a lot of golf still to be played and there is a lot of birdie holes out there. So I don't think it will be good enough. I think 4-under on the last would have done it but I'll stay around and see.

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