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February 2, 2008

Tatjana Malek

Barbara Rittner


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It was pretty emotional after the loss. Talk about what your expectations were going into the match?
TATJANA MALEK: Yeah, I played not so good today. I wanted more, maybe. But there at the end, now it's 1-1, and tomorrow is another day. So we will see.

Q. Was there less pressure knowing that you were out with a 1-0 lead?
TATJANA MALEK: I don't know. Because I played Fed Cup before, and I like to go out and play for the team. I don't know what happened today. So I can't explain, no.

Q. Did you feel that you were impatient today?
TATJANA MALEK: Yeah, now I'm very sad because I lost, and now it's 1-1. It was a chance, of course. But, yeah. It's 1-1, and tomorrow's another day.

Q. How did you feel about being 1-1 after the first day?
CAPTAIN RITTNER: Well, we've always said if we are 1-1 after the first day, that's fine. So we might not have expected it that way. We had a great chance maybe to go up 2-0, we didn't take it. So we'll see what's happening tomorrow.

Q. What will be your strategy going into tomorrow?
CAPTAIN RITTNER: Into tomorrow? No strategy. I mean, we'll try to give our best. Sabine played unbelievably well today. We'll see if she can do it again tomorrow.
Also the other thing is to see how Lindsay reacts to a loss. She's not used to it. She hasn't lost in the past 14 years, so we just give our best. That's what we're here for. We are underdogs, but I think we've already shown that we've got some teeth.

Q. Could you comment on Sabine's performance? Do you think this is the best that you've seen her play?
CAPTAIN RITTNER: I haven't seen her too many times. I've seen her six matches in Australia. I was very surprised from the very first round in qualifying that she really improved. I was following the results from the end of last year. If you win a couple of 25s and 50s, it's always a good time.
She's won quite a lot of matches in a row. That gives you confidence, and she is very confident right now. She played a Top 20 player for the first time in her life in Australia beating her. I actually had a pretty good and positive feeling for her going into the match.
She had nothing to lose. She really did very, very well. She handled the pressure well. Even when it was 5-5 in the second set when it's showing nerve, she really went for it. She really has a good game to play against good players. A very dominant game.
I think Lindsay doesn't have a lot of matches where she's the one that's reacting. Obviously, today, that was the case.

Q. About how many hours do you practice a day?
CAPTAIN RITTNER: How many hours? On a day of practice, normally we have two sessions to practice on court, and the players do quite a lot of off-court stuff, doing fitness and all this. But once it comes closer to play the matches - let's say yesterday before the match, every player is different. Some play once a day, an hour, some play twice. But on a normal day of practice the average is like four hours of tennis a day and also fitness stuff.

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