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January 14, 2008

Amelie Mauresmo



Q. Were you worried after that first set?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Worried? I wasn't too happy about it, that's for sure. Yeah, I was lucky enough not to get frustrated too much after the loss of that set, and really to be able to focus, you know, back on the game just basically.
But, yeah, it was a little bit frustrating and definitely trying to find some rhythm in that first set, which I definitely found a little bit better in the next two sets.
It's the first round. I haven't played much. Whether it's in tournaments or in the last week, I haven't practiced much because of my adductor.
I didn't really know when to expect today and how I was going to play and move on that court. Tough in the first set, but definitely much better after that.

Q. Were you surprised you were able to turn it around so convincingly after that first set?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Not surprised. I mean, I'm not asking myself that. But I was just very happy about that. I mean, I definitely was more aggressive in that second set and third set. I was trying to be aggressive at the beginning, but the rhythm just wasn't there. I was, you know, making too many unforced errors. I felt I wasn't doing the right thing tactically also on that court.
It's good that suddenly through the end of the first set and then throughout the rest of the match I finally was able to find a good rhythm.

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