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January 15, 2008

Marcos Baghdatis



Q. You beat a former champion today. What pleased you most about the match?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: The way I finished it off was pretty good. I was serving pretty good. I was a bit tired at the end. Felt a bit of pain on my hamstring, on the left hamstring.
The way I just finished it off was pretty good. I'm happy the way I'm playing. I'm happy I found the solution to win. I'll feel good in the next match.

Q. What is wrong with your hamstring?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: I don't know. I didn't have time to go see the physios. I think I just maybe pulled a muscle. I don't really know. So we'll see better.

Q. The start of the third set?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: The end of the second set.

Q. So mobility-wise you were okay in terms of moving, though?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yeah, at the end it started to recover and I was feeling much better.

Q. You again had the whole crowd behind you. You were revving the crowd up. Is that something you thrive on?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yeah, I mean, when I go on court I think the most important thing is to win the match. I'm not thinking to pump the crowd up. I'm just thinking of winning a match.
I don't know, yeah, I had the crowd with me. The Greek fans were there, so it was nice.

Q. Is there anything you have to work on before the next round? You were very aggressive today. That's part of your game, isn't it?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yes, it is. Nothing special. I'm ready. I'm ready, but I need some confidence in my game. I need to win some matches to find the momentum. That's why I'm happy I won today.
If I play another one or two matches here I'll be ready 100% for the tournament.

Q. A chance you'll have to play Marat. What are your thoughts on him?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yeah, he's a great player. He can play really good tennis. But I'll just see if he wins today. If he does, then I'll just go on court and try to find a solution to win.
I'm pretty happy the way I'm playing, so the only thing left is to find a solution on court.

Q. What mindset have you come to Melbourne with this year after last year's tournament? You had problems off the court, distracted by certain things. How are you approaching this one?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Last year I had so much pressure, put so much pressure on myself. I wasn't experienced last year. This year I'm more experienced than last year. I spent two whole years in the circuit.
That helped me gain some experience and confidence in me, and I think that's the main difference, is that I'm more experienced and I can handle the pressure better than last year.

Q. Have you done any particular measures this time around that you thought about from your time here last year?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: No, nothing, nothing different. It's just in the mind. Like I said, I have a bit more experience. I can handle the pressure a bit better than last year.

Q. You did well on Rebound Ace. What do you think of this surface? Do you prefer Rebound Ace or do you prefer this?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: I just accept the conditions and try to find a solution to win as many matches as possible. That's the only thing I can say (smiling).

Q. Do you find it slow?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yeah, I find it a bit slower, that's for sure. The bounce is not the same. Rebound Ace was bouncing high, was much faster, but that's the way it is. I'll think positive and try to find a way to win matches.

Q. What was your preparation before you came to Australia this time?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: A lot of physical. Physical. I worked a lot on my fitness. I feel a little bit more -- I'm fitter for sure than last year. Tennistic-wise it's a bit the same. Nothing special.
I practiced a bit on the serve, to be more aggressive on my service games, and on the return. That's really all.

Q. Maybe expectations aren't so high this year from the crowd. Do you like that situation?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yes, it's pretty good (smiling). Less pressure.

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