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January 15, 2008

Chris Guccione



Q. Just looking on, it seemed that if things might have gone differently in that first-set tiebreak might have gone a bit differently for the rest of the match.
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, it's tough to know. But, you know, I was definitely playing a little bit better in the first set than the rest of the match. I had a lot of 30-All points where I didn't take my opportunities there. I think it was about three or four games in a row I had 30-All on his serve. Didn't get one breakpoint. Disappointing. Then also three set points, it makes it tough.
But, yeah, a little bit disappointed with the way I played in the second and third.

Q. Did you have a feeling in your mind when the net cord bounced on your side of the net that that was a significant moment?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: No, not really. I played the volley quite well. It just clipped the tape, as you said. You know, from there I was still well in the match. It was only 6-All in the tiebreak, my serve. You know, I was still feeling confident from there.

Q. How are you feeling physically today?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: I felt fine. Yeah, I felt good.

Q. Consistency in your game probably the next thing you have to improve on?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, for sure. You know, for me it's always going to be tough. But, yeah, it's one thing we always work on, along with other things.
But, you know, I mean, that's one of the main things we're focusing on at the moment.

Q. After the great ride in Sydney, what is the overriding feeling now?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Obviously pretty disappointed. You know, it's a home Grand Slam. You know, I've lost the first round the last few years now.
You know, get ready for doubles this week and then get ready for the next round of tournaments over in the States.

Q. Had you set yourself to go past that first round this time around?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Are you serious? What do you think I'm doing?

Q. Given the way Sydney went so well.
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Of course I'm trying to get through the first round. It's my first goal coming into a tournament.

Q. Some people might think after the emotions last week you might be feeling a bit flat. You said physically you feel fine. How was it emotionally trying to lift yourself again this week?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: No, it's not too hard at all. I mean, coming off a good week it's easy to get up for a Grand Slam especially. It felt physically fine, mentally felt good. Just didn't execute the game plan today.

Q. As the match wore on, your first two service games went to love, he seemed to get an increasingly better read on your serve. In the second set you served over 80%, but he still broke you.
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, you know, I lost my first service game in the second and third set, which is -- - you know, one thing that I try to focus on is to try to get off to good starts in sets.
I missed a couple volleys early in the second. Yeah, as you said, he did get a bit of a read on my serve. He was standing quite far back, so it gives him a lot more time to hit the return. He returned well today.

Q. Is it a fair criticism that if your serve gets tamed there's not enough there for you to fall back upon at this level?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: My serve's a big part of my game. But, you know, I think I'm -- especially in Sydney I was winning a decent percentage on second serves and obviously breaking the guys in the second and third rounds. You know, I mean, it's tough to know. But, I mean, hopefully I'll serve well a lot of the matches I'll play.

Q. It looked as though the crowd was doing everything humanly possible, aside from jumping out there to pick up a racquet. Pretty amazing.
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, they were great. Last couple years I've played on Vodafone. You know, come out to Margaret Court, the crowd support was amazing. All the chanting and cheering, it was a great atmosphere.

Q. Coming into this game on such good form, did you feel more expectation, more nervous compared to past Australian Opens you've played in?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Always nervous going into matches, especially here at the Australian Open, being hometown.
But, you know, nerves sort of go away after the first few games. Once you get into the match you stop thinking about it and you're just focusing on trying to beat your opponent.
Yeah, I mean, definitely nerves before the match. But, I mean, they went away after a while.

Q. Do you do anything to try to calm your nerves?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: No. I mean, I think nerves are good. They're a good part of the game. They help you, I think.

Q. Did Lee do some things that surprised you today that you didn't expect him to do as well on certain shots? Was there something about his game that surprised you?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Not really. He's a very talented player. He's good off both wings. Yeah, I mean, after the first set he definitely picked up his return game, which I knew he could return well, and he wasn't in the first set.
You know, I mean, full credit to him in the second and third sets to return the way he did.

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