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January 16, 2008

Jessica Moore



Q. Well-fought out. How big a step up in quality was Shahar than your first opponent?
JESSICA MOORE: Definitely. She's top 20 in the world. She's not there for no reason. I felt that in the second set. She blew me away. Just too good. I felt a lot more comfortable out there in the second set and I was swinging a lot better and had my chances.
But, yeah, she took advantage of them and she's too good.

Q. What did you tell yourself at the end of have first very quick set?
JESSICA MOORE: There was a lot going through my mind, to be honest. I was very nervous. As soon as I walked out on the court, the crowd and the whole surrounding was, you know, new to me, so, you know, I didn't expect that.
So that was pretty nerve racking. But, yeah, after the first set, I mean, I hadn't won a game so I just wanted to go out swinging. I had a good start in the second so I was feeling a lot better, and it, yeah, it got better in the second.

Q. You really brought the crowd into it when you won your first service game in the second. You got a huge cheer.
JESSICA MOORE: Yes, it's definitely good to get the cheer when you're doing all right. I was feeling a bit for them and I couldn't get a game in the first set. I wanted to get them a bit more and I wanted to do a bit better for myself.
They were really good to me out there. I had a lot of support and I thank them a lot for them.

Q. How tough was it with the opponent and the conditions out there?
JESSICA MOORE: Yeah, it was really tough. Like I said, she's top 20 player. She gave me no free points and her ball is a lot bigger than the past players I've played previously, so something probably wasn't quite used to.
But after the second set, you know, I kind of feel that I'm not too far away from it, you know. Yeah, I did get blown away in the first set which was disappointing, but I relaxed and went out and played a lot better in the second.
I feel that, you know, I have a chance in the future, so I feel good about it.

Q. What sort of mindset did Casey's win put you in before the game?
JESSICA MOORE: Isn't it great? It's great for Australian tennis. I felt really good for her. I was sitting in my hotel watching it. I didn't want to stay out here too much. I felt really good for her.
I wanted to do the same thing, keep us going, keep us in the tournament, but she deserves it. She's been working really hard in the last year, and all credit to her.

Q. Does it give you a good mindset for tomorrow's doubles, as well? You're teaming up with one of your good friends. Does it give you that sort of boost that she's doing so well, as well?
JESSICA MOORE: Yeah, definitely. We've spent a lot of time together in the last couple of months. She's been a great role model for me. She's been giving me the hands up on things that I don't really know because I'm kind of new to all this.
She's experienced a bit more than I have. I wish her the best in the next round in singles, and hopefully we can go out and play a good match.

Q. Does it give you hunger now, knowing that you were sort of close in that second set against a pretty good player?
JESSICA MOORE: Definitely. I wish I could have played in the first set like I did in the second. That's the way it goes, and I really can't wait to play my next match.
Hopefully, I can keep this in standard of tennis next week when I play the juniors.

Q. Do you have plans for the rest of the year? Do you know where you go from here?
JESSICA MOORE: To be honest, no, because after my win here this week all my plans kind of changed because I wasn't expected to do this well.
So there's a lot of -- thanks to Tennis Australia there are a lot of $25k that are going to be on, so I'm going to be spending a lot more time in Australia. But I'll just go with -- I can't answer that, to be honest.

Q. Casey said earlier she'd use her prize money to buy new shirts. Will you do that same thing?
JESSICA MOORE: Yeah, that's good. I don't really think about it. It's kind of surreal really. I didn't expect anything like that. But I've enjoyed the experience I've had, and I thank Tennis Australia and the AIS for giving me this opportunity. It's great.

Q. Are you still playing the juniors next week?
JESSICA MOORE: Yeah, for sure.

Q. Good preparation for the juniors then?
JESSICA MOORE: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I mean, you know, I've got to go out there with the same mindset. I can't take it too easy. There's great players out there in the juniors, as well, so I'm looking forward to the matches and hopefully it will be a good week.

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