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February 1, 2008

Kevin Stadler


Q. Kevin, we were texting each other on Thursday night and you were trying to decide whether to go out or should you just stay home. 2-under on the first night. Did you go out on Thursday?
KEVIN STADLER: I didn't do anything last night. I was up too early this morning.

Q. And a good round today. Tell me a little bit about conditions out there this morning.
KEVIN STADLER: It was freezing, but we got to miss most of that with the delay. It was pretty nice. It was cold the first probably hour, hour and a half. Other than that it's been a beautiful afternoon. I mean, it's there for the taking today.

Q. It's absolutely perfect outside right now, but when you were coming in here getting ready to play, you know you had to pull up and say, man, I hope there's a frost delay.
KEVIN STADLER: I was still in bed. I live close enough to not have to get up and see that delay.

Q. That's lucky right there. Tell me a little bit about the golf course conditions and your playing out there today.
KEVIN STADLER: The course is in great shape, it always is here. I started out terrible, bogeyed 10, doubled 11 right off the bat, and yesterday I doubled 10 and bogeyed 11. I'll be cruising along until I play those two holes.
I played great the rest of the day. I made a birdie on the 13th, I think, and then eagled 15, the two par 5s, right after that start, and it got me back on track. I just kind of played solid the rest of the way up.

Q. The problem now after being 6-under is now you can't go out and party tonight because you've got to play tomorrow.
KEVIN STADLER: We'll see about that (laughter).

Q. Just talk about the first two holes.
KEVIN STADLER: I wanted to turn around and go back to bed. I hit a decent tee ball on 10, just about five feet too far left, went through the fairway and just drove it into a horrendous lie there and chopped it up in the bunker and hit a pretty good bunker shot and just lipped out the top.
11, same deal, I hit a good tee shot and it was just too far left. It probably would have been better off if it was in the water rather than the lip there where I was standing about two feet below the ball. I should have just flipped that left in the water up by the green and made an X there.
I hit a really good shot on the par 3 following it, I hit it about four feet and missed the putt, so I had steam coming out my ears for a little bit there. But I turned the round around.

Q. Sounds like you got it corrected pretty quickly.
KEVIN STADLER: Yeah, I birdied 13, made a good par on 14 and then eagled 15 and then got back to even for the day and just got back to a decent back nine.

Q. You said it's there for the taking, that this is a golf course you can make a lot of birdies?
KEVIN STADLER: Definitely. If it warms up a little bit and starts playing a little shorter, you're going to see all the birdies made out there.

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