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January 17, 2008

Alun Jones


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What did you think about today?
ALUN JONES: It was all right. I think I played well enough in the first two sets to at least get something out of it, but unfortunately I didn't. Yeah, it's tough to come back from two sets to love down against a guy that good.

Q. You service games, you had him under pressure in the second set.
ALUN JONES: I created the opportunities and just, as you saw, I just didn't take them.

Q. Did that contribute to that?
ALUN JONES: Not really. I just -- you know, he played a few good points at the right times. That's what these good players do. At the right times, they step up and play solid points.

Q. What did you learn about yourself today that perhaps you need to improve?
ALUN JONES: Just keep the level up throughout the whole match. A bit of a roller-coaster today, just up and down a little bit too much. Just have to keep a high level all the time. That's something I need to work on.

Q. Where do you go from here?
ALUN JONES: My next tournament is in Asia, challenger events. So back to the challenger events, try to build the ranking up and try and get in the top 100.

Q. Tough going back, having been in main draws three weeks now...
ALUN JONES: It will be. I'm more used to the challenger circuit. Where I've been for a while now. But it's something, get a taste of the tour events now, three weeks in a row, I'd love to be back there all year playing.

Q. How much of a thrill was it being out there on the court with all the fans?
ALUN JONES: Yeah, I've been out there a few times now, playing singles. But today was definitely the best atmosphere. Great support. The Fanatics and the other guys, I forget their name, the other group that. Yeah, they're great as well.

Q. Former No. 1. Did you ever feel intimidated at all by him?
ALUN JONES: Not really. I thought I had a good chance out there. Like I say, I created opportunities and I just didn't take them. Thought I deserved something out of the first two sets.

Q. What was your mind-set throughout the game today?
ALUN JONES: Yeah, I felt good. I felt quietly confident out there. And, you know, I had a lot of chances. I had Love-40 in the second. And I had one line call which I think went against me and which could have created another Love-40 in the second.
Plenty of opportunities; just didn't take them.

Q. You played here seven years ago now?
ALUN JONES: Yeah, a while ago, yeah.

Q. What was different?
ALUN JONES: I really can't remember that match. But that was my first main draw match. I just had a great three months I remember before the tournament, full of confidence. I'm definitely more experienced now, and I feel like I'm a lot better player now.
But, yeah, I just can't really remember that match too much.

Q. What do the top players do to make them so difficult?
ALUN JONES: They're just there the whole time. Like I said, I need to work on my just maintaining my intensity throughout the whole match. And they just, you know, if you drop at all, they'll just pounce on you.

Q. The big points, obviously?
ALUN JONES: Big points are crucial. They play them well. Hardly ever throw an unforced error or anything like that. They just play the big points well. That's something I need to work on, as well.

Q. You really scrapped the first two sets. Do you think when a bit of time goes by, do you think you can be proud of yourself today?
ALUN JONES: Yeah, I mean, I'd like to watch the match again on TV and see how it was. But what I think is that I was definitely in there for the first two, and I had a bit of a shaky -- I had a decent start the first game, but then gave away a couple of sloppy service games here and there. I just need to tidy them up.
I was pretty happy the way I played the first two, definitely. Sort of went away a little bit in the third.

Q. Early on in the third, looking a little grim for you. Did your spirit break at all?
ALUN JONES: A little bit. As I said, first two sets, I think I deserved something out of it. Sort of a bit of a slap in the face when you are two sets to love down against a quality player like that and you know it's tough to come back. Sort of went away a little bit early in the third, but tried to fight back in the end.

Q. You still got your eyes on that top 100 spot?
ALUN JONES: Yeah, sure.

Q. Just giving you some extra confidence going into the year?
ALUN JONES: I think I -- I think I truly believe I belong in the top 100, and still a bit of work to go. But, you know, hopefully this year I'll yet go get into the top 100.

Q. Can you get a tape of that match?
ALUN JONES: I'm sure I can.

Q. Can the coach inquire?
ALUN JONES: Yeah, you can ask for tapes or I'm sure -- I think it would have been on FOX Sports, probably taped it, or someone I know may have taped it. I'll be able to get my hands on it.

Q. When do you find about the AIS scholarship?
ALUN JONES: Not too sure. Last year I think it was the beginning of February when they decided. Yeah, I'm not too sure. Not really thinking about it. Just hope they call me up again.

Q. Any sense of recognition between you and Ferrero, seven years down the track?
ALUN JONES: He probably doesn't -- he probably doesn't even know he played me seven years ago. I believe Jamon Crabb played him a few years ago, and he said, I think a played this guy a few years ago, which he thought it was me. So he doesn't (laughter.)

Q. He said yeah, I think I beat him in four sets.

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