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January 30, 2008

Lindsay Davenport

Zina Garrison

Laura Granville

Ashley Harkleroad

Lisa Raymond


THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon. Thank you for joining us. This is the very brief predraw press conference this afternoon.
I want to introduce Ashley Harkleroad, Lisa Raymond, Captain Zina Garrison, Lindsay Davenport and Laura Granville.
I also want to introduce Mary Joe Fernandez in the audience. She has joined us as coach this year. Also the future Fed Cup-ers Christina McHale and Julia Boserup. Julia's made it to Los Angeles. Both of them take part at our elite training facility in Boca, the USTA training facility.
We'll start with questions.

Q. Curious to get some thoughts on all you guys on the matchup with Germany, how you stack up with them?
CAPTAIN GARRISON: I'm not playing, but I'm coaching.
I think any time you go on the court there's a 50/50 chance, but I think we have a great chance.
I think the team that we put together here is extremely strong. We're loving the facilities. The courts are good. So we're really looking forward to it.
I'm really happy to have Lindsay here playing Fed Cup as well as Laura and Lisa and also Ashley, so it's great.

Q. Lisa, do you know who you'll play doubles with?
CAPTAIN GARRISON: Are you playing doubles (laughter)?
LISA RAYMOND: Am I playing doubles (laughter)?
Obviously, it's up to Zina. I think it would probably be Lindsay and myself would probably be the doubles team.

Q. What do the Fed Cup rookies think about their first chance to play for their country?
ASHLEY HARKLEROAD: Well, I'm the rookie. No, I'm honored and I'm excited to be here. You know, I'm just going to go out there and work hard and play for my country and our team and do the best I can.
But I'm really excited to be here, so hopefully I'll play well.

Q. Lindsay, it's been a long time for you. How does it feel to be back on the Fed Cup team?
LINDSAY DAVENPORT: It feels really great and exciting. It's always been a highlight of every year, being a part of the team again, seeing everybody, the same faces from the USTA, being in this atmosphere.
I'm really excited to see how the U.S. can do this year. Obviously, we start off here against Germany, against a team that we're probably considered the favorites against. But I think that they're a very dangerous underdog, have some very good young players. So we've got to definitely be on our game here.
But it's great. It's one of the big reasons I came back, is to be involved in some team events this year. I'm excited to be here in La Jolla to start it off.

Q. Will you stay here Lindsay in La Jolla? You live so close you can commute. Will you be staying here?
LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Yeah, I'll be staying here.
THE MODERATOR: This is the first time Fed Cup is in Southern California. Even though the Kelloggs have a rich history and involvement in making Fed Cup happen, I think Bill Kellogg's grandfather was on the first committee to actually create Fed Cup, even though the first Fed Cup was played in London. There's a rich history here. We're excited to have Fed Cup here for the first time. We'll see you at the official draw on Friday. Thank you.

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