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January 26, 2008

Jessica Moore


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Where do you feel you came up short today?
JESSICA MOORE: She served unreal today, and I couldn't match it. I probably didn't serve -- I thought I served well, but probably not enough. I needed to hold to stay in the match.
Yeah, she just kept a lot of pressure on me today, so give credit to her for that.

Q. Couldn't have been too disappointed with the tournament you've had.
JESSICA MOORE: No, definitely not. I mean, I'm always a bit hard on myself. Probably at the moment I'm a bit disappointed. But, uhm, no, I'm going to go away with a good feeling about this. I'm playing Fed Cup next week. Leaving tonight.
No, I'm looking forward to it.

Q. You couldn't break her. What was the hardest thing about trying to break her?
JESSICA MOORE: It was pretty deceiving, her serve. She could hit it very hard, but at the same time she could take the pace off it and place it well. I could never pick where she was going.
And if I did, she always -- it was good enough to force an error out of me, so I could never put pressure on her when I was returning, and she could probably tell.
There wasn't really many close games on her serve, which made it hard for me to put pressure on her. So, yeah, it was a very good serve. I think she's going to be a good player.

Q. You're about to make the jump from the juniors to the grown-up's tour. Do you see that as a huge jump to make? Is it a big difference?
JESSICA MOORE: Yes and no. Last week I played in the seniors and I beat a player who was top 100 and was a lefty.
I mean, mentally it probably is a big jump because in the top it's always constant pressure. It's something that juniors probably don't do as much.
But in terms of game, maybe not so much. But that's the exciting thing about it. It could be quick, or it may not be. Depends on the individual, I think.

Q. How much do you take from this tournament, seniors and the juniors?
JESSICA MOORE: How do I take it?

Q. How much do you take out of it, in terms of what it will do for you going forward?
JESSICA MOORE: It gives me a lot of belief that I'm able to consistently play well. Today I didn't feel so much. But, like I said, she just played too well on the day.
But, no, definitely winning last week in the main draw gave me a huge confidence boost. Coming out and playing the juniors and trying to maintain that same level was tough. But I did it, so I feel really good about the way I handled myself mentally to keep that level up there.

Q. We always talk about where Australian tennis is at overall. Seems to be a pretty good bunch of juniors coming through. How do you see that at the moment?
JESSICA MOORE: No, definitely, it's great. Bernard is in the final a bit later today. Hopefully he gets through. Brydan won this last year. Yeah, a lot of girls and guys coming up. It's really good to see because it's always something we always get put down with in the past.
To have or to know that there is, it's great to push everyone along. I hope we can continue to do that.

Q. You're going to be playing Fed Cup next week?

Q. What are some of your other goals this year?
JESSICA MOORE: I'm going to be playing the remainder Grand Slam juniors as well this year, as well as trying to play some challenger events to get my ranking a bit better, but obviously to win one. Hopefully I can do one better.
But I haven't really got any main set goals. I'm just trying to keep developing my game so it's good when I get into the senior ranks. But, yeah, that's what I've had last year, and it seems to be going well. So I'm just going to keep it at that.

Q. There's going to be a lot of attention, and therefore a lot of pressure on you, for the right reasons. Are you ready to handle that?
JESSICA MOORE: Pressure for what?

Q. People expecting you to do well.
JESSICA MOORE: Uhm, well, people expected me to do well this week and I thought I handled it pretty well.

Q. But as you transfer to the main tour...
JESSICA MOORE: Yeah, it's all happened quite quickly with last week and this week. But I think it's a good thing and I think I'm handling it well so far. You can't really think too much about that because if you do, it will take over.
I think I'm handling it fine.

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