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January 26, 2008

Boo Weekley


Q. You're ten shots back so somebody needs a chance.
BOO WEEKLEY: We're playing for the consolation prize right now.

Q. Somebody said something about a ten-shot rule or something, maybe don't even make people have to come out tomorrow.
BOO WEEKLEY: I think he ought to just play with a 2-iron.

Q. And that's it?
BOO WEEKLEY: That's it, no nothing, just 2-iron and that's it.

Q. Tell me about the course out there today.
BOO WEEKLEY: It was tough from where I was hitting it from. I didn't hit the ball very well today, so it was tough.

Q. You had a nice little comeback, though. You had a tough first five holes, but after that you had a nice little comeback?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, we kind of settled down there a little bit. We was pressing a little too hard and trying to make something happen, and we hit it close on 1 and hit it pretty close on 2 and kind of got a little upset there and then three-putted and that made it worse. It's all good, though. I'll keep grinding.

Q. What are you going to go work on today?
BOO WEEKLEY: Everything. Everything. Maybe tying my shoes backwards or something.

Q. Just try something different?
BOO WEEKLEY: Just something different.

Q. Given his history here, what does this say about the Open? It's going to be a different course, I realize.
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, it's going to be tough to catch him on this golf course, you know? He's by far the best player that the PGA TOUR has got right now. He's just good. It's amazing, it really is.

Q. As much as you expect him to play well, first tournament of the year, he hasn't really played much the last three months.
BOO WEEKLEY: Just because he ain't been out here playing don't mean he ain't been working, you know what I mean? He's worked hard on his game, and that's why he's No. 1. He's just got to go out and play golf.

Q. How much does this week matter obviously in terms of preparing for the Open?
BOO WEEKLEY: It's a totally different golf course. It don't compare because they're going to bring in the fairways, it's going to be firmer, the greens are probably going to be a little firmer. It's going to be longer. I don't know if it's going to be any longer than what it could be, but it's still going to be longer.

Q. Did you look up at the board and see his scores going lower and lower and lower? I'm sure you looked at the board --
BOO WEEKLEY: Actually I didn't look at the board.

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