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January 26, 2008

Adam Scott


ADAM SCOTT: It took me a while to get going and I didn't have any rhythm on the front nine but managed to get it around, made a couple of good saves and held on to Rory's coattails as he went roaring off. It was fun playing with him. I really enjoyed it.
The only other young guy that impresses me as much as him is Jason Day so I think he has a really bright future and I am looking forward to playing with him the next few years.

Q. You must have felt a bit old next to him?
ADAM SCOTT: I still feel 20 in my mind. This is my ninth year on Tour and time flies. It was great and good to see how he played. He struck the ball beautifully. It reminded me of myself when I came out on Tour. The only thing he doesn't have is experience and the way he is playing he will get that quick.

Q. Did it make you think of when you first started to make a name in the game?
ADAM SCOTT: Abolsutely. I remember when I used to get paired with big guys and how I felt and he certainly didn't have a problem handling me. He was impressive to say the least and he can take that anywhere in the world. It is justa case of refining a few things here and there and experience which oyou can't get when you are young.

Q. When someone playing with you starts so well are you inspired by the challenge?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. I didn't want to go out there and be blown away by Rory. He went out and holed out for eagle on the first and I thought this kid is really good. I am looking forward to what he can do as he has a lot of talent and the sky is the limit for him.

Q. You topped it with a birdie on the last?
ADAM SCOTT: That's the way it goes sometimes but he will get his share. Maybe tomorrow. He has the ability the way he hits the ball to go out and shoot low so if he gets the putter going who knows, he could run away with these this thing.

Q. How do you think your score will hold up?
ADAM SCOTT: I think okay as the others are having their own little battle and this gets me back in with a sniff. Seven under would have been a lot of work but this might have got me within three or something.

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