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January 26, 2008

Doug LaBelle


DOUG LABELLE: You know, I played pretty solid. I didn't drive it as well as I'd like, but my putter for three days has really saved me. I haven't missed a whole lot of putts inside ten feet, so that's been my key.

Q. And yet a bogey on a par-5? Can you forgive yourself for that one?
DOUG LABELLE: No, I was lucky to make bogey. I made about a 12-footer for bogey there. I hit four bad shots and had a penalty stroke.

Q. Playing well for three straight rounds. Were you ready for a cold, soggy, Michigan kind of day?
DOUG LABELLE: Well, today was supposed to be okay, but it's tomorrow that doesn't look very good. So whatever it is, it is, and I'll put myself in a good position.

Q. You're playing pretty well. Good finish at Sony and you're playing well here. What's really clicking for you?
DOUG LABELLE: Well, my short game. That's really been key. I got a lot up-and-down there at the Sony, and my tee-to-green game was a little off, and here my driver is just a little off, but my short game is really coming through for me.

Q. You hit 14 greens, only 28 putts. You're playing well. Good luck tomorrow.
DOUG LABELLE: Thanks. Appreciate it.

Q. You're going to be in one of the last three groups, and you might be chasing as many as eight strokes. Is there a strategy for that, or do you just go out and try to play your game?
DOUG LABELLE: Well, on a golf course like this, it's a tough golf course for me. I don't hit it that far. I just kind of go one shot at a time and plug along, and whatever it is, it is. It appears we're playing for second, but you never know.

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