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January 25, 2008

Colin Montgomerie


Q. If you phoned home to someone in Troon, it was probably warmer there, but didn't seem to affect you.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, it was very cold. I haven't actually come prepared. I have a sweater with me, and I have a sweater for the planes, but it doesn't have the sponsorship logos on it, I'm afraid, so I couldn't wear it.
I was frozen this morning. I think we all were. I think it's warmed up to something near respectability but it was very, very cold this morning. The ball was going nowhere and it was windy and grey, really.
But all in all, 68 today and no bogeys was key, four birdies and no bogeys. That's key. I've only made two this week and if I can keep the bogeys off the card, I have a chance here.

Q. You showed us today that you have the serious side and you can have the fun with it at the start of the week, but you seem to really turn it on now and the fact that you were so unhappy about your tied 25th finish, last week, but you need more than that don't you?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, I do, you know. 5-under last week I thought it was quite good. The standard has improved dramatically out here. There's no question that number 50 to a 100 now can play, and beyond. Andrew McLardy the last day, he was very, very about and finished 70th on the Money List last year, so these guys can really, really play the game now and it's become tougher.
Yeah, I've got to do better than that and I dropped four places in the world last week coming in 23rd, so I've got to get back in the right direction. The only way really is to win. As I said earlier on I need two or three wins this year.

Q. This tournament, you look at the names at the start of the week and they are all there on the leaderboard and a succession of young guns coming through.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It is daunting. You've got a very strong top end, which we had last week, and we have this week, as well. They are all performing and all have to be beaten. They are not beating themselves anymore. They are stronger mentally, physically and hit the ball further and better than they ever did before. And they are not frightened of winning. I found when I first came out here back in in the very early 90s, there were a lot of people out here but got into position but were frightened to win. They are not now. There's a number of young guys -- tell me this isn't a young man sports and this one is the same. I'm doing okay to compete at my age, but it's more of a struggle than it ever was, I can tell you.

Q. How difficult was it this morning?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The wind blowing, it was very cold the first nine, it's a bit better now, but it was very cold and it affected how far the ball flew.

Q. Now you've put yourself into contention. We've got two of these young guns just in front of you --
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: They are all young nowadays.

Q. You have an incredible sort of staying power, how much do you think that is because you've simply got more experience?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Experience is one thing I'm determination and ambition and will and drive and all that stuff combined; I'm way down in the World Rankings now and I've got to improve and the only way of doing it is competing with these guys. If I'm not, well, I might as well pack it in.
So I've got to come out here and do what I do best and that's try and score well. Today was good. I had no bogeys and 68 was a good score considering with no bogeys out there, so that's what I've got to do over the weekend. If I don't make a bogey over the weekend I have a great chance of winning and I need that to keep the whole thing ticking along and just try to get back in the Top-50. I'm not there right now, so I have to try to prove that to myself more than anything.

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