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January 25, 2008

Oliver Wilson


Q. Tell us about a good day.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, the last, a little bit annoyed about that, only bogey of the day. A bit of a shame. Played solid all day. Gave myself a lot of chances and straight pars up until 16, then a nice little eagle there sort of got me going.
I had a great little spell there, birdied 18, birdied the first, birdied the second. That was it really. Did that and parred every other hole, played really solid. Just left a couple right on the jaws on the last, on my 16th and 17th hole, right in the middle so that was a shame.
But I didn't drive it great on the back nine. Didn't leave myself any chances and trying to make longer putts and just real, real shame on the last. Didn't really do anything wrong. Just got a flyer out of the rough on the last and didn't get up-and-down. A bit of a shame. I finished a similar way yesterday, dropped three on the back nine there and dropped one there, so just not really finishing the way I want. Playing well, the game is in good shape and I'm quite confident and just want it to blow really and get a bit of wind and hopefully it won't allow anyone to get away from the field.

Q. I appreciate the last wasn't satisfying, nor on the first day, but I take it the mood is better than on the first day than when you were shaking your head a little bit.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I'm pleased to have come back. It would have been a shame not to play well today after yesterday and I played very nicely yesterday. I think the greens were a lot better today. They were rolling a lot better and you could hole out a bit better. Yesterday afternoon, it was a tough break for everyone in the afternoon. Everything's good and looking forward to the week.

Q. You like playing in the wind, do you?
OLIVER WILSON: I do. I don't know why. I think it just makes you focus a bit more, get away from technique and you have to hit shots and concentrate a little bit more and I seem to play better when I do that when it's windy or the kind of course where you can't lose any concentration. Where you have to hit fairways and greens, I seem to do a lot better there and concentrate on that.

Q. Can you reflect on any particular tournaments where it has been gale force wind? This isn't the worst that Qatar can offer, but where you've really thrived?
OLIVER WILSON: Pearl before Christmas was pretty windy and I wasn't swinging that well at all, but with it being that windy you have to concentrate on every shot and you have to find way, way to get it around. And I just got a little technical last week and that's why I didn't get very well last week.
So coming up to this tournament, everything is in pretty good shape and keep doing what I'm doing and see how it goes.

Q. I take it everybody wants to play as naturally as possible and not think of technique.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, sounds pretty easy, doesn't it. Live and learn, I suppose. I just didn't prepare properly for last week and I did it this week and yeah I think if everyone sort of don't get in your way, you play a lot better and that's the way forward.

Q. Do you revise and think new goals, new resolutions this year?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, new goals but really just doing the same things I've been doing. I feel like I've moved up a level and I should be contending every time I play. So just keep doing the same things really and every time, every time I work with Pete I feel like I understand my swing more and the whole game is coming better. My short game is improving. If I can improve every aspect of my game each week, each month, hopefully in a few year's time I'll be peaking.

Q. Do you ever think, I've just got to win one of these?
OLIVER WILSON: I'm not really worried about that anymore. I've got past that. You know, seconds are not bad I suppose. No, a win would be nice. But I think it's coming. I've got a good feeling about the next few weeks and, you know, there's a lot of tournaments and I feel like I've improved enough where I can compete on pretty much any course we play.
And bar my putter on Sundays, I'd already won a few. It's not that I didn't hit it very well or choked or anything like that on the back nines. I actually played -- when I get into contention, I play better and better. I've just got to get a little more relaxed with the putter and allow it could happen instead of just trying to force it.

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