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January 24, 2008

Anton Haig


RODDY WILLIAMS: What was the secret to your round today?
ANTON HAIG: I just started out with basically a few rhythm drills. Been struggling with the game. Obviously if the rhythm is there the game sort of comes to a flow. Did a few warm up drills and working with a new coach which is helping a lot, been crossing the line at the top so trying to get a bit on a straighter plane at the top.
So, yeah, I've got a long way to go but really hit the ball pretty decent today. I putted really well. Yeah, looking forward to a steady week.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Nice to see yourself at the top of the leaderboard again, it's been a while since you won the Johnnie Walker Classic, but obviously feeling good about your game at the moment.
ANTON HAIG: It's all about confidence this, game, 90 per cent in the head, that's what I was told, and I agree with that.
It's a tough struggle out there, especially with the conditions like they are, windy, and there are a lot of good players out there. Obviously if you keep your nose down, it helps a lot. I've got a long way to go still and just really looking forward to playing well again.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Could you tell us your coach's name?
ANTON HAIG: Jamie Gough. He's from Cape Town. I started working with him at the SA Open and he's just trying to get me back to where I was, really. I really had a tough struggle last year coming into the close of the year, and started off well but then seemed to have struggled a bit with the golf swing. So I've got a few hard swing thoughts to come by but a lot of hard work and hopefully I'll be on top more often.

Q. The course out there, there's a bit of room, and if you've got the length, you can use that to your advantage?
ANTON HAIG: Oh, definitely, the rough is quite short, patchy in areas. I got two bad lies out there, which I couldn't get it to the green but a lot easier than last year I would say. And yeah, the ball is running quite a fair distance.

Q. When you're struggling, that must make you feel better than last week --
ANTON HAIG: It really does play a bit to the confidence route. Yeah, if you are not hitting it great and if you're missing fairways and you have to chip out the whole time, yeah, your confidence does go down.
But it does suit the longer hitters out here. If you do hit it off line you do get a few lucky breaks and the rough being shorter does help us a lot.

Q. What holes did you have the bad lie on?
ANTON HAIG: I think the fifth hole, the one up the hill. I couldn't reach the green there. And the sixth hole, as well.

Q. And where were you on the other side?
ANTON HAIG: I think I got the luckier side on the sixth hole. Got a bit lucky there. Hit it way off-line. Thank God for the chipping there, it saved me.

Q. What's been the source of your struggles?
ANTON HAIG: I would say I haven't been totally focused on my game, which I think every young guy does. But I kind of took it to the extreme and yeah, it's been work. So I've kind of knuckled down a bit and working with a coach who is traveling with me now, which is going to help a lot. I tend to cause quite a few faults in my swing without being watched, so I need full-time surveillance.
So yeah, I think this year is going to be a tough one for me, being 22 this year, I'm growing up a little bit older and I need to show my family and friends that I can do it again.
I played really well today and slowly feeling that I can compete with the big guys again, and it's not easy. I mean, you've got Henrik Stenson and Adam Scott and Luke Donald. It's really hard to put yourself in a positive mind frame and know these guys are coming after you. So I just have to keep my head down and knuckle down to the best of my ability.

Q. What happened on the 9th?
ANTON HAIG: I hit my drive slightly left and into the rough and I pulled it again into the rough. Had a good lie but came out a little hot, too much club on it. Then three putted.

Q. Distance?
ANTON HAIG: 70 foot, I would say.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Thanks very much.

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