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January 24, 2008

Marcel Siem


Q. Tell us about a good day.
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, I hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens and just went for the pen on 11 and actually I said I'm not going for any pins today, so that was my second hole and got my bogey straightaway. I was like, okay, are we going to play safe, like last week and next week as well. So just get momentum somehow and then get a bit of confidence and then I can win a tournament, as well, or again, I have to say.
So I dropped the ball very nicely and the putter got hot at the end. I was struggling with my iron shots and holed a few good putts on the last and on the 7th. Pretty pleased, I have to say.

Q. You mentioned the wind. I suppose it's pretty stiff, but not as stiff as it can be.
MARCEL SIEM: I think we've played in stronger winds before. But the course got a bit long. We have a few new tees out there. I played last year, so there are a few new tee boxes I haven't seen. Like especially 11, that's a long hole. That's always a driver and lob-wedge and 12 as well and now you have 8-irons and 6-irons in there. I think it's like two shots more difficult.
But we've got the rough, which is pretty easy, so I think it equalizes it a bit.

Q. Do you feel inspired to do well after what Martin Kaymer did?
MARCEL SIEM: That was the word I missed in my other interview; I'm very much inspired by Martin.
I'm an honest guy. I said to him, it was just so nice to watch him playing and how easy he's doing it. I just remembered how easy going I took it when I came on Tour and the last two years I got a bit tight.
I just went out today and tried to have some fun actually like I did the years before.

Q. So you kind of saw the relaxation that he showed most of last week and thought, got to do that yourself?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, how calm he is already for his age and how cool he is. Yeah, that's how I was when I came on Tour, as well, and just trying to get it back now.

Q. How was that whole experience of actually being a spectator last week? Not many pros would go out and follow their colleague as you did.
MARCEL SIEM: It was pretty exciting I have to say. But as an amateur, I did it a few times when I played for the northern part of Germany against the southern part or something.
It was the first time. I had another cap on, so maybe the spectators didn't come up to me and ask me a lot of questions. A few guys came up to me and it was just more SKY Sports were coming up to me -- just joking.
Especially 17 and 18 when he bombed his driver. I was like, okay, I'm going out there now and support him a bit but never thought it would be that exciting.

Q. And you had planned the celebration with the champagne?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, like I said, I ordered it before but I didn't pay it because I think that could be bad luck if I paid before. With six shots leading, that sounds very, very easy to do but it's never easy to win a tournament, doesn't matter how many shots you're in front. So I didn't pay it and then I just went into the clubhouse and paid the champagne, the bottle was ready and gave him a shower.

Q. The last thing Martin said to me was he expected a very hard night. It wasn't quite like that, was it?
MARCEL SIEM: We tried but there was nothing to do around Abu Dhabi. We went to a few bars and they were just empty and the other ones were full of strange people and we didn't want to stay with these people. It was a shame, actually, but, no, we're going to play well this week and we're going to have a big party together in Düsseldorf.

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