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January 23, 2008

Adam Scott


RODDY WILLIAMS: Thanks very much for joining us and welcome to the Commercialbank Qatar Masters. How did you feel upon your return?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's great to be back. It's been a long time, actually, but it's gone by quite quickly. You know, the course is a bit longer than I remember it being, so just getting used to a couple different tee shots.
Apart from that, it's very much what I remember and certainly good feelings of walking down the fairways and remembering the good shots that I hit here six years ago.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Specifically six years ago, what did that win mean to you on that occasion?
ADAM SCOTT: It was a big win for me. I think it was my second win on Tour, and some people would say that a second win might be harder than the first. Certainly felt that way. At the time it had been 14 months since my first win in my first event of the year in 2001 when I first came on Tour. So it was quite a while coming, it felt like for me. You know, kicked off a good 2002 for me on The European Tour. I had another win this year, and then followed it up with a good 2003 winning in Europe and America.
So, you know, it kind of got my career going.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Now six years on, you're the highest-ranked player in the field this week. How does it feel on this occasion coming back? Your whole game has changed.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's changed a lot. Probably wish I hit it like I did that week. I've certainly matured as a golfer, and my short game's improved 100% since then. Just having six years experience of playing the Tour at a high level is valuable, as well. I'm certainly a better golfer now than I was then. But everyone else is, as well.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Well, let's take some questions, please.

Q. Can you talk us through your decision to rejoin the Tour?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I mean, being from Australia, I consider myself a global golfer. You know, the last couple years unfortunately through different events, I've not been able to play the schedule I wanted which would allow me to play my 11 in Europe.
So this year had the chance to come over here and get a couple events in early made it easy for me to get my 11 and join the Tour and hopefully get myself back up on the Order of Merit by the end of the year.

Q. How do you think the Tour has changed? Do you think it's more competitive than it was six years ago?
ADAM SCOTT: It probably is, but I'll get a better grasp on that as the year plays out. There are quite a few really talented young players coming out. Certainly the Tour is growing and the money is increasing, and I think whenever you see that happen, you see guys get a little more hungry and competitive.

Q. It is now more attractive than it was six years ago, wouldn't you say, in money terms? And also, with this area and China, is it a better overall package?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. Money is growing and we're playing in areas of the world that are emerging and it's certainly attractive to me. I enjoy playing golf all over the world, and the challenge that that presents, I think it makes you a complete golfer.
Certainly in the past it's helped a lot of champions and put them in good position and they have gone on to benefit from playing in Europe or wherever it might be, Asia. There's a benefit to that. If I can do that and get my membership back, that's what I want to do.

Q. Do you get a buzz seeing your picture up there on the grandstand?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's too bad about the shirts -- (laughter).
Yeah, like I said, opening up here it's nice coming back to a place where your memories are good. Being out there, you just remember all the shots that you're hitting and the feelings that you had. It's good for your confidence.

Q. In the last six years, do you think you would have achieved -- are you happy with the sort of five-, six-year period?
ADAM SCOTT: Yes and no. In some ways I think about it, I've done pretty well. Haven't won a major, but that might take some time for me. I don't know what the future holds.
But then I think about it, I was 21 when I was winning this tournament, and that's pretty young. So obviously I was playing quite well at that stage. I don't know, maybe I could have advanced a little quicker and won more tournaments.
You know, I'm pretty happy with how the last five or six years have gone. I think looking at it, I feel like this is a big year for me. It's a year where I can really make a mark and set myself up for the next five years out on Tour where I can really kind of come into my prime, so to speak.

Q. Where are you based now?
ADAM SCOTT: I have a home in Australia and a residence in Switzerland.

Q. Were you injured in Dubai six years ago the week before coming here?
ADAM SCOTT: I can't remember. Putting the week before, it was a bit of a shock to win here because it's the only time I've broken a club in my life was in Dubai the week before.

Q. Sort of carrying on, the money has improved now but next year it is going to go through the roof; do you think others might follow you? There are a hell of a lot of Australians in America.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, there are. I haven't looked into next year too much, but I believe it's going to be tougher to be involved in the whole Dubai tournament at the end of the year. They are going to put the number up, two, which certainly has an impact on schedule to play two more events somewhere through the year outside of America is going to be a little tricky. So we'll wait and see what happens with that.
I don't know, potentially, it's going to be a good thing. Certainly ask the question of guys like Retief and Ernie who always have been based in Europe, I don't know how many they play, but putting the number up by a couple is certainly -- I feel like it will be hard to compete on both sides, to play at the top level on both sides much the pond playing so many events.

Q. This is purely a scenario, if the dollar crashes -- the possibility it just might - is it just money
ADAM SCOTT: I think for a lot of it, a big part of it is. That's been a big part of the attraction of the US Tour all through the years. So maybe if they do bomb over there, maybe The European Tour, a few guys will come -- I don't know, it's so hard. People have families in America.

Q. It's just that you're the one person coming the other way --
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I have a bit of a history with The European Tour. It's where I started my career. The Tour, under Ken Schofield back then, was extremely generous to me. Coming out of being an amateur, they gave me a lot, and maybe me being a member wasn't giving a lot back then, but it's nice to be affiliated with The European Tour. I certainly haven't setup shop in America and that's it. Like I said, I like playing golf around the world and The European Tour gives me that opportunity.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Adam, thank you very much.

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