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January 19, 2008

Anthony Wall


Q. You seem to be confident this week?
ANTHONY WALL: I am happy and if I am all this way out here away from my wife and my boys I am going to try my hardest when I am here. I knuckled down in the wintertime and worked hard on the areas of my game that I thought I needed to and I am looking forward to a good season.

Q. When a leader is so far ahead can you just relax and play your own game?
ANTHONY WALL: It is a funny thing really. There is a little bit of that but it is the type of course where you can go out and shoot four or five over par in a few holes so you can't really freewheel so you are trying just to make as many birdies as possible which is what you are doing from day one.

Q. Do you need conditions like this tomorrow to catch him?
ANTHONY WALL: No not really. If he hits it in the rough three or four times in the first few holes then we all have a chance so who knows. You just need to keep making solid pars and maybe nicking a few birdies here and there and who knows. I think out there you are looking at 68 as a good score so you are just trying to make as many birdies as possible because you know you are going to drop a few. But I actually haven't dropped a shot since the first six holes of day one so I am obviously doing something right.

Q. Did you have much time off during the winter?
ANTHONY WALL: I had a couple of weeks holiday in Dubai which is nice but I have been working at home. I have a little golf room at home and I do a little putting and stuff in there to look after the basics.

Q. A lot of people say we don't play enough tournaments where the rough is as thick as this because it tests you mentally, as well?
ANTHONY WALL: Yes. I played in the PGA and the US Open Championship last year and struggled because all of a sudden you are looking at all this thick rough and narrow fairways. They are a little wider here so you do have a chance but it is a funny feeling. I think we do need to play a few more weeks like this when the weather is good. A few weeks we find that it is set up too hard when the weather is not good, sometimes like Ireland where it is a bit thick and we know it is going to be wet. But on a week like this when you know it is set up well and the weather should be good, there is no reason why we shouldn't set it up like this.

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