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January 19, 2008

Lee Westwood


Q. Was that an example of your hard work through the winter paying off?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yes I think it was. I have just really picked up from where I left off last year. I had a lot of top tens towards the end of last year and I really started to feel very confident. I didn't think I drove the ball well around the front nine but I got it out in a couple under but then I started to hit a lot more fairways on the back nine obviously and shot five under round the back nine which is good. I was unlucky not to win the car on the 15th because I hit it to about nine inches there so I am pleased with the way things are going. I just felt rusty the first couple of days because I didn't play much in the last ten weeks other than Tiger's tournament, even when I was at home. It has mainly been short game stuff. So to use one of the old football terms, I wasn't quite match-fit at the start of the week, but it's coming.

Q. Had you set out with a determined target in mind today?
LEE WESTWOOD: I wanted to try and shoot mid 60s. I started the day nine under par so I have a chance of winning the tournament. You saw in Shanghai when Phil Mickelson and Ross Fisher came back to the pack. I was 12 behind with nine holes to play or something silly like that so daft things can happen on the golf course but you have to make them happen at the same time. It is no good waiting for people to come back to you, you have to put some pressure on yourself. Hopefully a 65 might do that.

Q. Is it same again tomorrow?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yes, I think so. The nearer the finishing post comes for Martin, the harder it will get. It is not an easy golf course, and if you start missing fairways it becomes very difficult. It is not easy with a lead and I know when I've played golf tournaments with a five- or six-shot lead, your mindset turns to the thoughts of 'I don't want to let this one slip or I'm going to look a fool' sort of thing rather than concentrating on what you have been doing to get you five or six in front.

Q. We have been illustrating your new fitness this week already, have you been feeling the benefits of that?
LEE WESTWOOD: Well, my legs were a bit heavy the first couple of days because I haven't walked round a golf course for I don't know how long. But I feel fit and fresh and that was the main idea of taking ten out of 11 weeks off. Just to get the freshness back to recharge my batteries, mentally and physically.

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