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January 19, 2008

Martin Kaymer


Q. You played very well again?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yes, not a single bogey which was good. In fact I think I have only made two bogeys all week, which is great here. I played with Henrik Stenson who is a really nice guy and I really enjoyed the round. I can't wait for tomorrow now. I made four birdies too which is good. My putting wasn't quite as good as it had been on Thursday and Friday but it was still all right. I plan just to stick to my game plan tomorrow and we'll see what happens.

Q. What was your mindset when you started?
MARTIN KAYMER: I felt a little nervous but I had a really good start and made two birdies on the opening two holes and that settled me down and that gave me a lot of confidence for the next 16 holes.

Q. Has it surprised you how well you've played this week?
MARTIN KAYMER: Actually it has because when I came here on Tuesday I didn't like the greens that much but now I love them. I am putting really well. I was in the States all winter and I was playing on different greens to this and it was a little different when I came here and I needed time to get used to it but now I how it feels and how to deal with them.

Q. Of course, Fanny Suneson was on Henrik's bag and I know she has helped you a little bit in the past too?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yes she has. She is a really nice woman and I have known her for three years now and she has supported me and helped me in a lot of things so it was really nice to have her in the group today.

Q. Thoughts for tomorrow?
MARTIN KAYMER: Just stick to my game plan and we will see.

Q. What work have you done with Fanny over the years?
MARTIN KAYMER: She helped me a little bit with course management and how to handle some media stuff. I didn't know anything when I came out on Tour last year and she was the person I was able to ask about stuff. She said if I needed any advice or help with anything then just come up and ask her which was very kind. I actually first met her when I was playing with the German National Team in the Amateur Team Championship and I met her there.

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