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January 18, 2008

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: I've done my homework this winter and it's paying off now. Yeah, I played solid golf, only one bogey, 36 holes. That's not an easy task with this rough, so I'm quite proud of that.
Looking forward to the weekend, of course.

Q. I suppose that bogey came at just the time where you never want one, but there you were getting ahead of Steve but at least you got the birdie at the last?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Yeah, that was a fantastic birdie to recover from that bogey. Well, it was a bogey at the 17th, it's one of the toughest holes out there, so no big deal.

Q. Were you looking at the leaderboard at all?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Yes, but I don't know if it made much sense because Kaymer is seven shots behind. So I don't know, what did he have for breakfast, but man, I want some of that.

Q. I'm glad you puffed up your cheeks when you said that, because it's ridiculous at the halfway stage to see score, isn't it?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: It is, especially with these conditions. The course is really, really tough. The greens are fantastic. It's easy to hole putts, but in the other hand, you need to know how to read the grain. There's a lot of grain on these greens, so that makes it tougher, too. But it looks like a par 3 course for him.

Q. So how do you approach the weekend knowing that he's the man to catch?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, just playing the way I am and try to enjoy the weekend, play good. It's going to be very difficult to catch Martin, unless something happens, but if he keeps playing that way, he deserves to win. He's been close many times, so I hope this time is the one for him.

Q. I know you're always smiling, but did you winter well, and therefore, upbeat and positive about the year ahead?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Of course. Looking forward to this year. Of course it's Ryder Cup year, and I think all of us are looking forward to have a good season and try and win as many times as possible.

Q. And your batteries are recharged; you had a good time off?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: I had a fantastic time off. As I said before, working hard with my fitness coach, with my coach, so not much holidays but it was good time off.
It's good to have some time without playing competitively, so it's been good.

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