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January 16, 2008

Adam Scott


SCOTT CROCKETT: Adam, thanks for joining us and welcome to Abu Dhabi, your debut here, obviously. What's brought you here this year?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's been a while since I've played over here in the Middle East; 2002 in Qatar was the last time I was here. So it's been quite a spell.
Obviously the attraction of coming and playing in this good weather brought me over here. (Laughing)
I guess it's a good opportunity for me to start the year on The European Tour, and certainly it's been a significant event here, and then on to Qatar next week gets me going for The European Tour schedule-wise, and then I can start looking back to the States.
So it's a great opportunity for me to start the year here.
SCOTT CROCKETT: And how do you think the game is, how are you shaping up for the week ahead?
ADAM SCOTT: Did a little bit of work the last few weeks at home since Christmas. You know, worked on a few little technical things in my game which are feeling pretty good. But you never know until you can back down there and it actually counts.
But I do feel good about my game. I feel like I took what I needed to out of last year, even though I would say it was a bit of a disappointing year for me. I think I took a lot out of there and have worked on the right things and have the right attitude coming into this year and know what I need to improve and know what areas to work on.
So, you know, I'm very excited about getting things going again.

Q. With the restructured European Tour from next year onwards does it make it more attractive to play on?
ADAM SCOTT: Certainly I think The Race to Dubai, that will get anyone's attention. I think the guys like myself who have membership on both sides of the Tour, it certainly makes it worth considering reworking the schedule to be eligible to get in The Race to Dubai.
I haven't looked too closely at the schedule, and I'm not sure if it's even out yet for '09 exactly. You know, there might be a bit of shuffling around of tournaments to be able to be eligible for that.
You know, this year, I'm just looking for another solid year and get my numbers up in Europe and try and get back on the Order of Merit after the last few years really focusing in America. Going to try to play a little bit of both this year. I didn't get the opportunity to come to the Middle East at the start of last year which held me back from doing that in Europe.

Q. Do you enjoy playing on The European Tour?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. The European Tour really gave me a chance when I was a young kid just turning pro and they extended me a lot of invitations, and lucky for me, I took advantage of them and became a member of the Tour and played four full years here before I went to America. So, there's a very strong bond.
You know, it would be poor of me to forget what The European Tour did for me. That's why I'm trying to make the effort to get back over here this year and certainly in the lead up to next year to try to not just support the Tour, but I think it's healthy for my game, as well. It's just the way I am and I think being from Australia, I'm a pretty global player and I'd like to get back to those kind of roots.

Q. A lot of guys this year will be focusing on the Ryder Cup and perhaps get distracted - can you take advantage of that?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I'm not too sure. Those guys in particular are going to be fired up for it, so they are going to be putting a lot of effort in and trying to gain as many points as possible.
But it's not something I look at particularly trying to take advantage of those guys whether they are playing well or not. I just take each tournament as it comes with the same goal in mind, to give myself a chance to win.
Like I said, I can only really worry about my own game and put the right preparation in and try and get the most out of it.

Q. You have yet to win a Major, can you take inspiration from what Padraig has done?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'm sure Padraig feels like everything he's put in for the last ten years or 15 years has paid off by winning The Open last year.
You know, it's a matter of to keep pushing itself and the results will eventually come and not just get complacent and not just wait your turn; I don't think that's what it's about. I don't think there's any athlete in the world that wants to wait for something to happen to him. Everyone want to go out and get it, and there's probably 150 guys here this week that want to go out and win this week.
I've got to keep pushing myself and prepare and be ready for it when the opportunity presents itself at a major and certainly feel like I've got the ability to do it. You know, it just up to me to execute that. And again, sure, the year is focused around the majors but I think everything you do leading up to that plays a big part in it.

Q. Would you rather with the Masters or the Open?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's hard to separate them. But I would have to say for me being an Australian, I would like to be the first Australian to win the Masters. That would be a big thing for an Aussie.

Q. Everyone keeps talking of you as the next Greg Norman?
ADAM SCOTT: Greg Norman? Well, yeah, you know, everyone knows he's been the guy I've looked up to since I was a kid. You know if I could win a couple majors like him, that would be a good start.

Q. Does Augusta suit your game the best do you think?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, the course is different now but I feel pretty comfortable at all of them. I've had mixed results everywhere. Certainly I think Augusta if I'm playing well would certainly suit my style of play.

Q. Did you make any New Year Resolutions?
ADAM SCOTT: Me, no. My friends have way too many, so I thought I would get on with it and not get too worried about it.

Q. You were four in the world a couple of years ago but now are eight?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, that's why I'm starting to play again now. I can hopefully win some (World Ranking) points.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Yes, your game's really on the slide!
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I've gone a bit downhill a bit lately! (Laughter)
Yeah, the plan is to move back up the rankings, certainly and get back up. I got to No. 3 at some point last year, and to kind of get back up in the Top 5 and look myself in that area for the time being is a goal.
You know, I've dreamt of being No. 1 as a kid and I don't think I should kill that dream just yet, but certainly several years away, if that's ever going to happen.
So for the most, just love to climb back up into the Top-5 and firmly plant my feet up there. Winning I think is certainly how you do that, accumulate a lot of points that way.
Yeah, I think like I've always said, the goal out here is to win tournaments and playing well all year and not winning is pretty frustrating. You know, if I can rack up a few victories, that would be a good year.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Adam, hopefully the victories will begin this week. Many thanks.

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