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January 16, 2008

Jeff Quinney


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Jeff, you are over at La Quinta today, had a nice round of 66, with 7 birdies and a bogey. Just talk about -- first of all talk a little bit about the conditions over there, just so we get an idea of what was going on there with the wind and then some of the things that you did well today.
JEFF QUINNEY: I was first off 8:30 this morning. Basically it warmed up pretty nicely. I took off my sweater before we even teed off. And the wind really wasn't a factor at all, all day. Maybe a few holes on the back nine it factored maybe one club. But the greens are rolling perfect.
It was ideal for scoring today.
JOAN vT ALEXANDER: All right. We're going to take a couple questions here in the media center.

Q. You obviously you played very well here last year, a good start today, something about the desert that turns you on?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah, I'm very comfortable here. Obviously from Scottsdale only three hours away and just a lot more comfortable on this type of grass. I had a hard time putting in Hawaii with the Bermuda and the grain last week. Definitely more comfortable being on this grass and it's similar to what I'm used to playing on back home as far as desert grasses. And the greens have been perfect.

Q. You say Scottsdale is three hours a way, how fast do you drive?
JEFF QUINNEY: I guess four hours then.

Q. You played here well last year, but you played really well for most of the west coast swing, were you looking forward to the swing again and I know you got some tough finishes last year here when you contended, but were you kind of charged up to get back out here again because you played so well?
JEFF QUINNEY: Definitely. I think this is my time of the year where I really am gearing up for it. And just the courses I like and I'm just more comfortable on the west coast versus the Florida grasses, just being a west coast boy. With Phoenix and San Diego and L.A., definitely looking forward to capitalizing early and getting a quick start.
Obviously last year I had an awesome start and I want to kind of renew myself and somehow try to get a victory.

Q. Let me ask you about Torrey. Obviously you played well there and contended on Sunday. What would you expect to see at Torrey this year especially on the South Course as they prepare for the U.S. Open? Do you think it will be a different Buick Invitational than it's been in years past?
JEFF QUINNEY: I think so. It's interesting to see how they're going to set it up, whether they have the rough up or what not. But I heard there's a couple changes on the course and a couple -- even on the 13th they added a new tee, on the par-5.
I don't know what the PGA TOUR is going to set it up, if it's going to be similar to the Open, but it's definitely interesting. It's such a tough course to begin with, let alone to make it even harder with more changes. The ball just doesn't fly anywhere there and all the time you have those ocean winds and the greens are never perfect. So scoring is always tough and to make it tougher it's going to be a nightmare.

Q. Obviously you played La Quinta and PGA West and The Classic Club last year, have you been able to get over to SilverRock and see the new course?
JEFF QUINNEY: I did. Unfortunately I missed the cut in Hawaii so it gave me an extra day Sunday to practice. So I played twice out there. I like it. It's pretty similar to The Classic Club as far as the modern type of course, the big bunkers, the greens are kind of similar grass. I think that it's a little bit easier than the Classic Club, but I'm not quite sure what the scores are going to be there. Any time you get a new event, a new course, you never know where to take it low and the greens are new and the pin locations are new, but I think it's a good addition to the tournament.

Q. You had a pretty strong 2007. Can you just talk about the state of your game right now and what some of your goals are for this year.
JEFF QUINNEY: I set my goals high. Obviously I had a great rookie season and I just want to build on it. I gained a lot of confidence and just gained a lot more comfortable in the environment, being in contention, and just learned a lot. I feel like I can actually win out here and I proved to myself that I belonged out here last year. And I just am having so much fun and looking forward to 2008 and setting my goals high and definitely not just one win, but I want to get more than one.

Q. Do you have your sights set on the Ryder Cup.
JEFF QUINNEY: I haven't looked at the points, I haven't looked that far ahead. But if that's even an issue that would be awesome. I think I would probably have to win a couple times before then.

Q. You mentioned an ideal scoring day, a lot of low scores out there. When you look at the leaderboard, how do you look at that? How do you prepare yourself?
JEFF QUINNEY: I didn't expect to go low here. In the past scores have been super low and I don't think they would be quite as low in a four day total as the past years or five day total, I guess, but today you just got to take advantage. When you get a calm day, you got to go low. Sometimes when you have a windy day and 70 is a good score. But I think there's probably going to be some 7, 8-unders at the end of the day just because it's perfect out there.

Q. What kind of perspective did you give yourself last year after the West Coast Swing? Obviously you played so well, but had the chance for the win, so how did you, was it tough kind of leaving the West Coast Swing as far as in your mind or were you able to balance out the good with the bad?
JEFF QUINNEY: I think I was able to balance it out. Obviously I was disappointed, but to lock up my TOUR card by end of February I knew I would have a job in 2008 and that was tremendous pressure relief. I could just kind of free wheel it the rest of the year.
Obviously I didn't have as many good tournaments, I had a pretty good tournament at the PLAYERS and Tiger's event in Washington, D.C., but obviously I didn't continue as strongly as I wanted to. But definitely building some momentum and just feeling confident for 2008.
JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Jeff, I think everybody's all set over here and we appreciate your time and play well the rest of the week.
JEFF QUINNEY: Okay. Thank you.

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