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December 6, 2007

Jerry Kelly

Rod Pampling


THE MODERATOR: We've got our defending champions, Jerry Kelly and Rod Pampling. Thanks for joining us, guys. Jerry, just comment on obviously a tournament that means a lot to you after the win last year. Comment on the week for us .
JERRY KELLY: Well, I think it's a fantastic format. Believe being able to play with Rod and have a great teammate, such great guys playing in the event for the Cure Search. It's a great event all around for charity, for us, for the people. I mean, I just think it's really cool.
THE MODERATOR: Rod, last year was your first appearance here. You made it look pretty easy. Just comment on last year and what it meant winning this tournament with Jerry.
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, I guess it looks easy. I was galloping on a really good horse. It was nice. Jerry played very solid. Obviously as Jerry said it's a great tournament of. It's a great charity that we're playing for. You know, the field is fantastic.
And obviously with Greg being Australian, growing up watching him play through the -- a lot of the ups and unfortunately the downs that he had throughout his career, it's great to be able to play and win the event.
Last year was fantastic. But, yeah, the whole playing with Jerry and that team atmosphere, it's fantastic.

Q. Are you still the pit bulls?
JERRY KELLY: There's no question. There's no change in the way we play or the attitude we have towards the game. It doesn't really matter what happened the last couple days. When the light turns green, we're ready to get going. We're coming out of the corners.

Q. Being defending champions, is it any different than as an individual? You guys talk about coming back and feeling comfortable with the course and stuff, but do you feel more protective of the title because it's a team thing or there's more of a fun format with everyone?
ROD PAMPLING: I guess there's a little bit more pressure just because you're defending champions. Last year we didn't have the expectations of, you know we need to try and defend this and play good.
But I think once you hit the first tee ball it's back to the same thing: Have fun out there. It's one of those games. It's like any team's games. If you happen to gel, things will work out really well. If you don't, we'll have a fun time.
I think we play really similar golf, so I think we'll be there Sunday definitely.
JERRY KELLY: I think it almost takes the pressure off. You know, I've always played well in my hometown events, played well in team events, and I really think that you can rely on the partner.
A lot people have extra pressure in trying to perform for their partner. I look at it like being able to rely on a partner. Kind of takes the pressure off. Feels great to have somebody like Rod going after you.

Q. What is Rod's strength in this format here?
JERRY KELLY: Probably driving and driving distance and iron play and chipping and putting. Other than that, we'll leave the rest to me.

Q. Rod?
ROD PAMPLING: You know, as I said before, we have very similar games. Last year we obviously both hit it great. Jerry's had a great year again. There's just not many weaknesses. If there are, you know, I haven't seen them yet. We are very similar distances everywhere so we can help each other with the yardages. It's a really good fit.
JERRY KELLY: Just got to get the meters out of my head.
ROD PAMPLING: I'll make sure talk in meters for the players so they can hear it. Throw a bit of chaos into their game.

Q. Do you work on meters all the time in the United States?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah. Always. Normally my caddie, Simon, I have Judd on the bag this week, but, yeah, we both grew up playing meters and don't see any reason to change.
Yeah, this week is a little bit different with Judd, but, yeah, we've played I think it's basically every week we play on tour together in the practice rounds, so he knows pretty much my game back to front anyway and he hears us talking meters all day long.
It's been two days now and everything's been perfect. But, no, we're definitely meters. Always play a joke on the partners definitely.

Q. Did you guys play together at all during the season? Were you paired together at any events, if you did, or even just crossing paths?
JERRY KELLY: I don't think we played this year. I think I hardly even saw you period.
ROD PAMPLING: I know. It's amazing how that works. Next year we'll probably play with each other five or six times and see each other every week. This year I couldn't even tell you which golf course I saw Jerry at. It's bizarre.

Q. So the friendship has really strengthened this year then?
ROD PAMPLING: Hasn't got any worse because we haven't seen each other.

Q. Can you handicap the field a little bit? Is there a team or a couple of teams that have a good shot coming after you? Everyone's here for fun, but...
JERRY KELLY: I have a hard time thinking about the teams. I know Elkington/McCarron because we're playing with them. Daly and Couples because it's a fun group. And Greg and Bubba, Bubba's always dangerous as far as he hits it.
But then you've got some solid teams in Cink and Zach Johnson.
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, they're an unknown. Obviously they play pretty good, too. Everyone plays great in the field. If they get on well and have a fun time, putts drop. Any of the teams can win. It's just if you can pick the winner you need to go to the racetrack a little bit more often.
JERRY KELLY: Woody and Calc can knock down just about any pin out there, I know that.

Q. Where are both of you with your health and games?
ROD PAMPLING: My game feels good. I've had two months off. Swinging it nice. Yeah, hitting it nice out there. So it's just basically coming down to the putting again, which every week it's the putting.
So the good thing is you got an extra set of eyes this week to help out. I've always liked when Jerry -- I didn't get to putt that much last year, but when I did he saw the line. I've always been very good and once someone's hit a putt I can pretty much pick the line off that and go from a there.
JERRY KELLY: I can't remember the question.

Q. Health.
JERRY KELLY: No comment on the health until after my MRI on Monday. I got a few issues.

Q. On what?
ROD PAMPLING: My right -- left biceps. I skipped an MRI before I came here because I didn't want to have anybody telling me I shouldn't be playing. I feel pretty good. I took a month off. First time I've ever done that in my career.
We worked on quite a bit of stuff. So I've got some things to work on, and when I'm doing it I'm hitting it better than I ever have. A lot of my old game creeps back in, but that's in the practice round when you're trying to swing. Totally different ballgame when things start tomorrow and you think about the target and let things happen. I think I'm definitely ready.
THE MODERATOR: All right. Thanks guys.

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