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December 3, 2007

Jane Forbes Clark


JEFF IDELSON: Good morning, everybody, thank you for coming to the Hall of Fame's announcement of the Veterans Committee results. We're delighted to have everybody.
We have a number of the committee members that are up on the dais. Left-to-right we have Jack O'Connell from MLB.COM; Jim Frey, Earl Weaver, Ferguson Jenkins. Hall of Fame president Dale Petroskey; Harmon Killebrew; Andy MacPhail from the Orioles and Hal McCoy. A number of other committee members are seated in the audience to my right.
Without further adieu, I'd like to turn it over to Jane Forbes Clark, chairman of the baseball Hall of Fame who will give the results.
JANE FORBES CLARK: Thank you, Jeff. Good morning.
As you know, in July the Hall of Fame board of directors proved a number of changes to our Veterans Committee procedures, which resulted in it now having four components to it: Post-World War II players who will be voted upon next winter by the living Hall of Fame members; the pre-World War II players, who will be voted upon by a special committee of 12 at next year's Winter Meetings in Las Vegas; a special electorate for managers and umpires, and a special electorate for executives and pioneers.
These last two committees met yesterday here in Nashville. The managers and umpires committee met in the morning to consider and vote on the candidates on that ballot. There were 16 electors, nine Hall of Fame players and managers, three baseball executives and four veteran media members all with years of experience in and around the game.
The executives and pioneers committee met in the afternoon to consider and vote on the candidates on that ballot. There were 12 electors, seven current and former executives, three veteran media members and two Hall of Famers, again, with a great deal of knowledge about the candidates that they were considering.
You should know that Monty Irvin is recovering from minor surgery and had to join the executive meeting by conference call. Billy Williams was snowed in in Chicago unfortunately, but he was able to join the managers and umpires committee meeting, also by conference call. Both gentlemen cast their votes privately to Jeff and I by telephone after the meeting was over. Hank Aaron did not arrive in Nashville and was replaced on the managers and umpires committee by Hal McCoy.
In each election, electors were permitted to vote for up to four of the ten candidates on each ballot by confidential paper ballot. The ratio is similar to that used in the BBWA elections where you may vote for zero to ten candidates from a slate of roughly 25 individuals.
We tallied the votes of both committees this morning, and we are very pleased to tell you that we have five new members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. From the executives ballot there were three individuals elected. The first owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the pioneer of the modern World Series Barney Dreyfuss; the long-term owner of the Dodgers who expanded baseball west of the Mississippi, Walter O'Malley, and long-time baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn.
From the managers and umpires ballot, two individuals were elected. Manager Billy Southworth who in 13 seasons compiled the fifth-highest winning percentage in history going to the World Series four times; and, our only living electee, Dick Williams, who managed 21 seasons, took three different teams to the World Series, and ranks ninth on the all-time wins list.
These five new Hall of Fame members will join whomever the BBWA elects and will be the Hall of Fame class of 2008. We are very pleased with our new procedures. We are pleased with the outcome and we are extremely happy for the inductees and their families.
And I'm going to ask Jeff to read you the vote totals, and then we'll take any questions that you may have for anyone on the dais. Thank you.
JEFF IDELSON: On the managers and umpires ballot there were 16 electors who needed 12 votes to get elected. Billy Southworth had 13 votes out of a possible 16; Dick Williams, 13 votes out of 16; Whitey Hertzog, 11 out of 16; Doug Harvey, 11 votes out of 16; Danny Murtaugh six out of 16; Hank O'Day, four out of 16; and the following four individuals had less than three votes, Davey Johnson, Billy Martin, Gene Mauch and Cy Rigler.
On the executives ballot there were 12 electors, and you needed nine to get in. Barney Dreyfuss had ten votes, Bowie Kuhn had ten votes as well, Walter O'Malley nine out of 12, Ewing Kauffman had five votes, John Fetzer; Marvin Miller three votes, Bob Howsam, three votes and those with less than three votes included Buzzie Bavasi, John McHale and Gabe Paul.
We'll have this in a printed form to you shortly. We'll have a conference call with Dick Williams at 11:00 a.m. for any media that wishes to dial in, the dial-in number is 212-231-2900. That's Dick Williams at 11:00 a.m. He will be here tomorrow morning for a press conference, as well.
At 3 o'clock we'll have Peter O'Malley available by conference call, and that's 1-212-231-2901.
Thank you for coming.

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