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March 21, 1995

Steffi Graf


Q. What happened, you lost a game?

STEFFI GRAF: I think, yeah, it was definitely the best match I played for quite sometime, so it felt pretty good. I didn't give it away.

Q. Is that as close as anyone can expect to get to perfection, do you think,; so few unforced errors?

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah, I think -- I don't think I could play better. I don't think so. I think I was going to try a few things that didn't work and everything I tried, it worked. You have to expect to miss a few. I think it is as close as I can get to the best.

Q. Was this the best day of the week for weather, anyway?

STEFFI GRAF: Oh, yeah, for sure. Because there is almost no wind today; with the wind and everything, I think it is just a perfect day to be out there on the court.

Q. Did it make you want to be out there longer, maybe even play a second match?

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah, I wouldn't have mind it, if I play like this. It is what you train for. That is what you work for. You enjoy it so much. You wish sometimes it could be longer.

Q. Steffi, how do you feel about the moves to maybe jazz up the game; music coming on the court; talking to fans after the matches and that sort of thing; are you comfortable with that; how do you feel about it?

STEFFI GRAF: I love the music as introductions. I think that is a nice change. Interviews, I think, it is good to get the people involved and to get to know them, get the players out there so they can get to know them a little bit. I think it is a very good thing to do.

Q. Are you comfortable personally with it, like, you know, talking to somebody?

STEFFI GRAF: I guess, you know, it is fun and obviously it is a lot easier when you have played well, I think it gets difficult if you didn't play too well. Usually, I have no problems with that. No.

Q. Steffi, how would you compare your game at the moment to last year at this time and nobody coming close to you or touching you on the court?

STEFFI GRAF: It is difficult really to compare it. Obviously, there is some similarities maybe at the moment, but I think at this stage last year I was getting a little tired of playing tennis because I played quite a few tournaments in a row and I don't think that I am really any tennis tired, not at all. I think I am enjoying probably more right now to play than I have done at this stage last year, probably.

Q. Have you read the remarks of Monica Seles's father and if you have, do you have a reaction?

STEFFI GRAF: What kind of remarks? Maybe you can fill me in.

Q. To be hinting that maybe Monica might be coming back soon to play.

STEFFI GRAF: I think it would be great. I mean, that is all I can say. It would be great for everyone to see her being able to -- for her to go on the court and to see her play. I think that would be extraordinary. I hope that will happen. It has been so many rumors. Hopefully this one is right.

Q. Have you talked to her recently?

STEFFI GRAF: I haven't talked to her for about a year or so.

Q. There is a great interest in men because of that rivalry between Sampras and Agassi; certainly you and Monica had something going like that. Is that something that you'd like to see again?

STEFFI GRAF: I think it would be nice to see her come back, but I think she probably needs a little time to get into tennis tournaments and get into the feeling how it is going to be to play again and I think you just have to wait and see how it happens. Obviously, I would love to see her at her highest level again, but you have to see if that really develops, but it would be nice.

Q. If she should come back, should she be awarded a could No. 1 ranking and the appropriate seeding that goes along with that right out of the gate?

STEFFI GRAF: I think she definitely needs to get -- she needs to get seedings, I think so, I mean, I think it is going to be a very difficult decision if she has not played, I think for almost two years to give her No. 1 ranking, I think, people would probably have a problem with that. I mean, I definitely think she should get seeding rankings; whichever one to me doesn't matter, but I think it should be either one.

Q. Would you have a problem with her being co-ranked No. 1?

STEFFI GRAF: I have no problem with that. I am not the No. 1 right now, so I have no problem. (kiddingly)

Q. But if you were?

STEFFI GRAF: No. I wouldn't have one either.

Q. Your reaction to yesterday's result with Arantxa.

STEFFI GRAF: Surprised and not surprised. I knew that Marianne had a good chance to win because of the way she has been playing for the past couple of months. I think she has the type of game that when she is on she can really give you a very hard time because she plays very fast. She takes the ball early and if she goes for it, I think, it can be always a difficult match. But sometimes she is not so on, so really you have to see, I knew she was capable of doing it.

Q. Do you think Seles can get back to top 3 status or is it impossible to tell at this stage?

STEFFI GRAF: I don't think it is impossible at all. I think it is definitely -- I think if you give her time and if she keeps practicing hard, I think then she will have no problem, actually.

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