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November 25, 2007

Heath Slocum

Boo Weekley


Q. Difficult day, tough to lose in a playoff but you all played well.
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah, we did. I'll be honest, my partner here played unbelievable, he really did, all week. It was fun to watch, it really was. I was just trying to cut him a shot here or there.
But overall it was a fun week. We were looking for a different outcome. We came close, but, you know, we just fell short.
BOO WEEKLEY: It was a great week. You know, it's an honour to be able to come over here and represent your country and play. We wasn't even supposed to be here and that's even a bonus there -- you know, to be able to come over here and see. I know we feel kind of disappointed of how we finished up, but overall, it was a great week.

Q. Talk about 18 and finishing up in regulation and what y'all did there, making birdie. You needed birdie.
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, we left ourselves a couple shots out there today. I mean, you know, at the same time we had difficult putts. It wasn't like they were just straight up the hill right at it.
You know, and Heath made the clutch putt on 18 for us to get into a playoff, you know, and that's what it's about. We come out here to learn how to control ourselves on the golf course, our energy, or for me it is, anyway. And it was fun. He made that putt and I don't know, it was nerve-wracking because I know I would have felt that last putt right there.

Q. You thought you made a couple of putts in the playoff.
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah, I didn't hit the best putt on the first playoff.
Boo's putt the second time we played 18 was unbelievable. I was standing there; I don't know how it didn't go in. I thought he had made it and we just came up a little short after that. We just didn't hit the shots we needed to hit.

Q. Strategy different today, the same as the other day?
BOO WEEKLEY: No. Strategy was the same. I was going to play the par 5s and tee off on the par 5s and give him the chance because I hit it just a little further than he does. To be able to give him an iron or at least a 3-iron, something, into the greens; we took advantage of a couple of them and a couple of them we just struggled on.
But it was -- like I said, it all goes back to putting in this format. You've got to hit the shots but at the same time you've got to make the putts. I left him some tough putts out there.
HEATH SLOCUM: He left me makeable putts. Putting is the strong suit of my game and I really didn't have a good putting week at all. I made a putt on 15, and I made the putt on 18, but I mean, simply because I was just due. I was just due for the week to make something.
And I was hoping to, you know, double it up and almost had the exact same putt and I just didn't hit it hard enough.

Q. Rough start with an early bogey. Were you watching the leaderboard at that point?
HEATH SLOCUM: You know, honestly, I was just kind of trying to keep the head down, and after the bogey, I knew that we had to do something pretty special. The wind was down today, and you know, we started -- after that, we rallied. Boo hit some incredible golf shots. I made a couple tap-in putts and one other putt, and we just didn't make anything coming in. You know, I had a couple chances, just, you know, failed to execute on.

Q. Still a pretty good week. Talk about your experience here in China.
BOO WEEKLEY: Well, I didn't really get to experience a whole lot of China but except the resort and it's unreal, the people. They are real nice. They don't quite understand the game I don't think or the rules of how quiet it should be and stuff like that, which that's just about every golf tournament you go to, but they learn. This is going to be a good venue for the next couple of years to have it here, and I hope that the U.S. would love to have me and Heath back again to represent it.
HEATH SLOCUM: It was obviously a wonderful experience. I mean, this would have been icing on the cake obviously to top it off with a win.
But just to get an opportunity to come to China with Boo, represent the United States, we had DJ and JoJo with us. I mean, it was a wonderful experience, and I'm like him, I with a absolutely love to come back.

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