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November 25, 2007

Colin Montgomerie

Marc Warren


GORDON SIMPSON: Colin, at long last, Scotland, OMEGA Mission Hills World Cup winners. Initial thoughts?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Fantastic. It's been a long time for Scotland to win the World Cup, since 1953, I believe and it's amazing we came so close. We've been six times runner-up in the World Cup and last year with Marc and I in Barbados, we did the same thing.
So winning in the playoff today was wonderful. And scoring 66, we won the World Cup in the foursomes, not the four-ball. We won in the alternate-shot where we scored 10-under, and I believe that was the best of any team, and that's why we won the World Cup.
And also, the fella sitting on my right, what a putt he holed the first hole of the playoff. That was -- we were out. I hit a terrible drive and a terrible bunker shot, and it's amazing what a good putt can do, amazing.
And from then on, I felt we were favourites, going back to 18 again. We were favourites from then on. We did very well. We're very proud of each other, and I expect Marc now to progress hugely in the world of golf. There's no reason why not. For someone to hole a putt on the last green from 25 feet to stay in the game right dead centre is one for the future.
So I thank him for his play this week, and I look forward to seeing Marc Warren in many of these ceremonies in the years come.
GORDON SIMPSON: That was a glowing tribute you got from your partner. Would you like to repay the compliment?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, fortunate he's Scottish, brilliant. I think for me, my first couple of years on Tour, to have an opportunity last year and same again this year to play with a golfer who has been there, seen it and done it all; it's an honour for me, and he's a person I can only learn from. I've learned the game this week and I'm sure next time I play with him I'll learn again.
He's a great player and a great person and someone I thoroughly enjoy being around and a person who likes to win, and that's what this game's all about. Thankfully for me I managed to hole that putt on the first bit. He had a few words of encouragement in my ear when I needed it, and that's why and how he's become the player that he has.

Q. What do you think about Mission Hills as a course, gentlemen?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: We love the resort. I was fortunate enough to come here and captain an American and European Team here, the Goodwill Trophy at Mission Hills. We played the World Cup Course as it was known, the Nicklaus Course.
This is truly a wonderful course, another one, and I'm sure the other eight or nine courses that are here, as well, are fantastic. We've thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality given to us by Mission Hills, and understandably rated the No. 1 golf resort in the world, and understandably so, and should hold that accolade for many years to come.

Q. Could you put this success in context in terms of your career and where it stands alongside the Ryder Cups and Orders of Merit?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It does. I think having not won something for 50-odd years and for a Scottish team, the only home nation that hasn't won the World Cup. And when there's a title of "world" before it -- I said that when I won the World Match Play, the other world titles and also the Andersen Consulting World Match Play (now World Golf Championships Accenture Match Play), it means something very special. There's a lot of good teams here this week, a lot of good teams, a lot of good European teams here this week, and the Argentines, the Americans, South Africans, a lot of strength and depth.
And it's delightful that we can come through and win, and disappointing for our football team to lose out the way they did last week, and it's nice that our golfers can do something a bit special. And we're very proud, we really are.

Q. How about compared to Ryder Cups?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It is different, obviously. But it is a team environment, so similar in some ways.
I was just very lucky, as I said earlier on, very lucky in Barbados last year, and here, to have someone that has the word potential written all over him as a partner.

Q. You're right to pay tribute to Marc in that putt on the first extra hole, but what about the one on the 15th and the one on the 17th?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, of course. You know, I've said that Marc had putted supremely well all week. To hole the putts he did on 15 and on 16 -- actually, 16 was the one that he had to hole for my second putt from my first putt was amazing. Hit a decent 6-iron into that hole, but to eagle it was something special, and that gave us the out right lead for the first time of the day.
Although the Americans caught us at the end with a fabulous birdie at the last hole, we felt good about ourselves. So the putt at 15, the putt at 16, and also the putt on the first hole of the playoff were outstanding.

Q. Do these fine gold jackets stay here, or do you get to take them back to Scotland?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, there's no way they are staying here. I want to take this home to Scotland.
MARC WARREN: Wear it on the 18th green next year.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: And you'll see it, as well, in downtown Glasgow. (Laughter).

Q. Could you just talk about the shot on 15, your shots, the definitive thing?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, I do earn most-improved award for that shot. Because yesterday I was laughed at last evening for putting it in the water by someone who will remain nameless.
MARC WARREN: (Laughing).
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: And, in fact, my layup was also in the water. So I do get most-improved award to 6-iron to about, eight, ten foot, I suppose. And it's good enough to hit a shot like that but to finish it off was crucial. A birdie was good but an eagle was superb, and that, as I said, gave us the lead and was the momentum we needed.

Q. How far in?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It was 202 yards.

Q. On the first playoff hole, how far was that putt? Just take us through what you were thinking about when you were standing over it.
MARC WARREN: 20, 25 feet.
MARC WARREN: Well, I knew the very worst the USA were going to 2-putt. So I was trying to put pressure back on them make them hole that putt and basically keep us in it.
Fortunately the putt went right in the middle, and it was an important putt to hole, obviously, because it was be-all and end-all right there. Obviously thoughts of kind of Barbados went through my mind, and fortunately for both of us, the putt went in.

Q. I know you said it's nice to play alongside and fortunate to play along someone who has seen it and done it etc., but perhaps was it in the foursomes that you got more from the bloke on your left; or if it wasn't the foursomes, or whether it was or not, can you give us a specific example of something that he said that you really learned from?
MARC WARREN: Well, I think you're right. The foursomes is where Colin is a standout. You know he's always going to be there, he's so good off the tee that basically you just walk forward and forget about it and get ready to take your next shot from the middle of the fairway.
That's how I felt this time last year and same again this year. Although I think you've gotten longer since last year.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I have. Technology has helped me. (Pointing to Yonex visor) I spent a little time in the gym. I rely nowadays on technology more than I do on myself.
MARC WARREN: And any time I had to leave a pressure putt for Colin, he holed it. I've seen it many times on TV, and I've seen it firsthand myself that he can and probably will do it.
It's good knowledge for whoever is playing alongside Colin, that he's there and he does seem to do things under pressure. I think that helps you relax in a format, which it is very easy to get tense and try not to make mistakes. As I say, it's easy to relax and play better golf.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think the 10-under, as I said earlier on, the 10-under that we scored in the foursomes won us the World Cup this week. The 15-under in the four-ball wasn't the best of the week, but the 10-under in the foursomes was, and that's why we won the World Cup.

Q. Can you tell us how you felt when Heath Slocum holed the birdie putt at the last to force the playoff, particularly given your record in playoffs in the past?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, great. Delighted for him to hole it that way. Expected, expected. Great shot in. Good drive of his. Fantastic second shot of Boo's, and super putt, straight into the hole.
So it was expected, and you've got to expect that sort of thing. If it's not expected, it's a bonus, and I've learned that, and then, okay, here we go, my playoff record is -- it is awful. I think this is only my second or third playoff win in about -- I think in about a dozen now playoffs. I've lost nine and only won three. Terrible record. But glad I had a partner here today.

Q. The playoff was clearly played in a wonderful spirit. Could you tell us some of the things that you and Boo were talking about when you walked up the 18th?

Q. Did you understand each other?
MARC WARREN: Just general chitchat. First I'm I've ever met Boo and Heath and just general chitchat, where are you from, really it was nothing special. He was asking me where did I play golf really. "Oh, you're on The European Tour, that's good." (Laughter).
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: He has toe the most laid back character I've ever, ever come across.
MARC WARREN: And a complete gentleman, as well.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Complete gentleman.

Q. Did he mention the putt you holed?
MARC WARREN: When we spoke about -- we both had a birdie putt on the second and it was basically that. I don't know how close they were but never saying in about holing it.
GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you, everyone for your attendance this week, all of the Chinese and international media. And congratulations to Scotland, OMEGA Mission Hills World Cup winners.

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