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November 24, 2007

Heath Slocum

Boo Weekley


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome the United States Team of Boo Weekley and Heath Slocum into the interview room with a 6-under par 66 today and 20-under for the tournament, in for the third straight day leading by one.
Guys, just a couple of quick comments from y'all again. It looked like it was pretty good, on the verge of being very, very good today with some of the putts y'all missed.
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, I mean, Heath played the ball pretty solid. We just didn't hit a lot of quality shots. We hit some good shots but the pins out there today were pretty tough, and the greens firm like they are and the wind blowing, I mean, it was just a tough day, I mean, overall it was a grind out there. It wasn't like the first day where we, you know, we just hit it in there pretty close and made some putts.
Today we struggled just a little bit back and forth with our putter and a little bit of the ball-striking.
HEATH SLOCUM: I think it was a very tough day today. I thought the pins, like Boo said, were very difficult. The wind, I think it blew harder today than it has the other days; it still swirled.
We just didn't hit anything real close all day. It was tough, and the holes we did, a few times we missed some putts, but I think what we did, we survived and with both of us not playing, you know, our best golf. So I think we have to be kind of -- feel a little fortunate but still happy, very happy with the position we're in going into tomorrow.

Q. Mr. Weekley, you certain have caught fire on the front nine. Just wondering what you had for dinner last night, clearly not that fries and ribeye, right?
BOO WEEKLEY: You want to talk about the eagle?

Q. Yes.
BOO WEEKLEY: For dinner, what did we have, sushi and -- they had some crab, soft-shell crab. I mean, it was good.
But the eagle, just hit a good second shot in there and left myself a fairly straight putt, kind of just up the hill, broke just a little to the right. I'd say the other holes that we birdied, the par 5, I just 2-putted. You know, left myself a decent chance to maybe, maybe make it. But you know, just left it short enough where I could tap it in for birdie.

Q. I remember yesterday you told us that you -- and does that help in catching the eagle? You have eagles almost every day so far, and yesterday you mentioned that you like hunting. Is that how you get eagles?
BOO WEEKLEY: Oh, no, no. You don't shoot them back home. (Laughter).

Q. You shoot the birds or just deer?
BOO WEEKLEY: Well, I dove hunt. I don't know if y'all have dove, but I dove hunt, duck hunt, turkey hunt. But no eagle hunt; that's illegal.

Q. The English players were distracted by crowd noise. Did that affect you at all? Were you frustrated by that?
HEATH SLOCUM: It's loud out there. I mean, you just have to know that going in. We found that out on Thursday that it's going to be loud and there's going to be a lot of people. I think playing in the last group, the last couple of days, just going to have to deal with it.
So just put your head down, try to hit the golf shot and hope a phone or a camera doesn't go off in the middle of your swing and distract you. But other than that, it wasn't too bad for us today.

Q. What would a victory in this tournament mean to each of you? This field's good but it's not like a great field. And do you practise much together? Had is the last time you played a team event together; ever?
HEATH SLOCUM: Obviously this victory I think would mean tons for both of us. Obviously you said the field's not -- it's strong enough. I think that, again, we're representing the United States, and we couldn't be more happy to do that.
So whoever is here representing their countries, obviously came, so I think we'd be elated to win. We have practised a bunch together. We've played a few team competitions together, basically on the mini-tours before we got on Tour, so we know each other's game really well and we have good rapport. We enjoy ourselves and we enjoy each other and we enjoy the company.

Q. This is your first trip to China playing in a tournament. When you return back to the U.S., what will be the most treasured moment that you will want to share with your family during your trip in China?
HEATH SLOCUM: I think, one, just representing our country and getting to play together. Two, I think just coming over here to play this golf course with all these people that came out and watched and enjoyed themselves and have been so hospitable to us.
Again I know it's been said the last few days, but the crowds have been wonderful. They are obviously a little loud here and there, but just maybe not used to watching golf on a golf course. But again, they have been so great, clapping for good shots, pulling for you. I think just the memories of the entire week. I mean, obviously we'd love to cap that off with a victory tomorrow.

Q. Just wondering how far you actually go; when did you first meet Heath?
BOO WEEKLEY: I met Heath, what, summer of '89 -- I think it was '88. Yeah, the end of '88 going into '89.
You know, we've been friends ever since then. We had a mutual friend at the time when they moved in and that's how we run into each other and been playing baseball, basketball, football, golf, everything, together.

Q. Where were you both in '88? Where were new your careers or what were you doing?
BOO WEEKLEY: Going into high school, freshmen. Freshmen in high school.

Q. Can I ask you whether you're surprised to be going into the final round with a one-shot lead, or is this pretty much where you thought you would be, in contention?
HEATH SLOCUM: Well, we definitely came here thinking that we had a really good chance to win the event if we played well. I don't think we're surprised at all.
I think, like I said, I think we feel really fortunate that we get passed today, because we didn't play our best. But it was difficult out there. But I don't think we're surprised at all. I mean, we came in with the attitude that we wanted to go out and represent our country, play really good golf, and you know, try to bring the World Cup to the United States.

Q. Is there anything about your games that complement each other really well, like one is a good long iron player or one has a good short game; is there anything that dovetails like that between you two?
BOO WEEKLEY: We both hit it, I mean, the same. We both have -- our long irons and short irons are pretty good. I'd say he's probably a little better with his wedges and his putter, where I feel like I might be a little better with my driver and my irons, my long irons.
But overall, we're probably about the same. The only difference is I'd say I probably got him about half a club to a full club in distance.
HEATH SLOCUM: Or more (laughing).
BOO WEEKLEY: It all just depends on which way the wind's blowing.

Q. Yesterday you said you didn't play that great, and today you survived and you're still in the lead. Tomorrow, if you bring your A Game, what does the rest of the field have to do to catch you, and also, strategy, having seen the course and played it for the last three days, are you going to change your strategy for tomorrow?
HEATH SLOCUM: Yesterday we didn't necessarily play our best but we did play solid. I think we only missed one green all day. We gave ourselves a lot of chances to 2-putt.
We would have loved to hit it a little closer yesterday, I guess saying we didn't play our best. Today was just more difficult and we felt like we left a few shots.
Saying that, we would love to go out tomorrow and not miss a shot, make a lot of birdies. We know that's probably not going to happen; you're going to miss shots and you're going to have to just bare down and make a few pars.
But we feel like we've got a one-shot lead, if we go out and shoot the best round tomorrow, we will win. Somebody is going to have to go shoot a better score than us, and that's how we always approach a lead in an individual tournament.
We talked about it, we're going to go out and play our best and we're not going to change anything, try to get the first fairway, get the first green and make the first putt and go from there.
JOE CHEMYCZ: Guys, thanks. Good luck tomorrow.

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