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November 24, 2007

Colin Montgomerie

Marc Warren


MARC WARREN: We had a good chance, to get a few at the last was massive for us -- one back depending who the Americans do. After last year coming so close, we want to win it this year and we gave ourselves the chance to do it tomorrow.

Q. What do you feel like last year for the last round, almost getting there?
MARC WARREN: Obviously there's a lot of pressure playing for your country and you want to do well. And Scotland have never won the event before, so it would be nice to be part of the first winning team.
Because of the experience from last year, I think we're maybe one up on the other teams out there tomorrow.

Q. Will you change your strategy tomorrow?
MARC WARREN: I think we played well Friday. It was a good score in that format. So I think tomorrow we'll just keep it the same and hopefully we finish one better than everyone else.

Q. What do you think of conditions today's conditions?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, they were very difficult, borderline illegal. But with the format, a lot of birdies will be made, so obviously they were trying to keep down the amount of birdies. They were tough, but it would have been nice to make a few.

Q. How many times were you in the bunker today?
MARC WARREN: Twice I was in the bunker. But the sand's perfect here, so there's not too much trouble when you're in it.

Q. Remind me again, how far back were you last year?
MARC WARREN: I can't remember.

Q. Very similar position.
MARC WARREN: Same position. The first few days are just about giving yourself a chance for tomorrow. It's going to be tough tomorrow in that format.

Q. But you can safely say that there are five, six, even more teams that can come through.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, that bodes well that we can make birdies on a tough golf course. I think on the day, good with the experience from last year and we enjoy playing together, so hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.

Q. Did you leave a few out there today?
MARC WARREN: We had a lot of chances about you the way the pins were tucked away, just the putts had a lot of break, a lot of grain. So it was tough to get the ball in the hole.

Q. You're obviously enjoying the team sort of environment of golf. With last year's World Cup, the Seve Trophy and everything, just something within your career that you know, you think this could be a bit like Monty?
MARC WARREN: I think it's almost a natural progression that when you do start to get better results, then you get in the team events, you qualify for the team events, and it's a great honour to represent your country, whether it's here for Scotland or Britain or Europe, you know.
So it's just a natural progression, and it's something I enjoy being a part of and something I want to be a part of in the future.

Q. You've done Scotland; you've done GB&I.
MARC WARREN: Obviously the most obvious one, The Ryder Cup, would be great to qualify, so I'm going to try hard to give myself the best opportunity to do that.

Q. This will be great experience, isn't it.
MARC WARREN: Exactly this and the Seve Trophy, in their own right, they are greatest events but I think Ryder Cup is the biggest event in golf.

Q. You wouldn't feel like a complete rookie, would you, because of these.
MARC WARREN: Not at all. And I think Seve Trophy helped, as well, getting to know guys like Justin Rose that I had never met before and getting comfortable with guys, I think that will help.
Going to Seve Trophy, weren't pretty sure how things were going to work. Just seeing how it all works and how everyone reacts, it was good experience.

Q. Was it quite noisy out there?
MARC WARREN: It's unbelievable. Just have to go on with it, really. Phones going off everywhere; the clack of people's cameras going. It started off, it was just unbelievable.
The first few holes, it was pretty bad.

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