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November 23, 2007

Quincy Pondexter

Lorenzo Romar


Q. Talk about your rebounding effort. You were able to really crash the boards it seemed like?
QUINCY PONDEXTER: We really just focused on rebounding. We felt if we won the rebounding we had a great chance to win. So I just came out and did the best I could on the boards, especially with Brock in foul trouble. So I had to help our team in the best way I could.

Q. How about helping in the other way, too. With Jon on the bench? You moved up as an offensive option; were you comfortable with that and conscious of that?
QUINCY PONDEXTER: Yeah, I just went out and played. Jon is a big part to what we do offensively. So I felt when he went out, someone had to step up. So my teammates did a great job of finding me, and I just tried to produce.
LORENZO ROMAR: I was pleased with our guys perseverance, resiliency tonight. We were on the road, we were in foul trouble. Things weren't going our way, necessarily.
Jon's been a big part of what we do. He wasn't able to play much tonight. Guys were fouling out. You look up with a couple of minutes to go, we're right there with a chance to win the game. So I was proud of our guys that we were able to fight through away from home in this manner.
Syracuse is awfully talented. They've been accustomed to winning. But I really like the fact that our guys can continue to fight.
We had really talked about game rebounding as opposed to just counting on Jon Brockman to get all the rebounds. And I'd say our guys really stepped up tonight and did outstanding jobs on the board. Syracuse is a very good rebounding team. But you start with Quincy's 15 rebounds, that is pretty impressive. We had 26 on the offensive glass.
We did things tonight if we can show up in some other areas, we have a chance to be a successful team, have a successful season.

Q. Tell how you were able to execute against the zone? They decided to switch to the man-to-man in the first half because it seemed you were able to get inside and get some good opportunities there?
LORENZO ROMAR: Our guys did a good job of passing that ball inside and out, and reversing the floor with it. I thought we got really good looks. It enabled us to get out in front. I thought when they went man, we were less efficient in that we began to -- the ball began to stick in our hands and we didn't move it as much. We began to try to force things. And I thought that period, that stretch probably hurt us in the game. But I thought we did a good job against their zone.

Q. Was there anything in the flow of the game that accounts for the foul disparity?
LORENZO ROMAR: Say that again?

Q. How do you account for the foul disparity in this game?
LORENZO ROMAR: Is that a trick question (laughing)? You say you don't want me to get on the officials, right? I'm not going to get on the officials. I can't comment on that until I watch the film. But any time a lot of fouls, multiple fouls are called in games, you know, there is a different flow to it.
Syracuse is an up-tempo team. We're an up-tempo team. Both teams still scored 85-plus points in spite of it. But there were a lot of free throws that were shot tonight.

Q. Getting back to that, do you think you deserved a technical?
LORENZO ROMAR: Yes. I deserved it. If raising my voice at the official asking him or saying loudly, "come on," or something, with the new rules, under the rules I probably deserved a technical.

Q. Can you talk about your impressions of Donte' Greene and what made him so difficult to guard?
LORENZO ROMAR: You're going to ask me about the call on that? No, never mind.
Donte' Greene is obviously a very talented basketball player. Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, whatever. He's a talented basketball player.
He can go outside and knock the shot down and put the ball on the floor. He's going to be a good player for them, obviously. He already is, he's their leading scorer.

Q. Do you feel like you learned a lot from your team in these couple of days just being in New York?
LORENZO ROMAR: Yes. Learned a lot, a lot from our team and I'm encouraged. How in the world can you be encouraged, you didn't win a game? Because I think that things that we didn't do well to allow us to win the game are fixable. And there are some other things that we were able to do here in these two days that we can go play against anybody, and I think we'll have a chance to win. So that's encouraging.

Q. So five games or four and just college, what did you think of Venoy and his match-up with Flynn?
LORENZO ROMAR: Venoy is doing an outstanding job for us today. He missed a dunk in the game. But he went hard, I thought that was the right play to make. He gives us a really good push with the basketball, and the guys really run the floor when he has it. Because he's scrappy. He leads our team in steals. He's an eager pupil who wants to be better. He's very, very coachable, which is really important.

Q. Can you talk about how he and Justin played together there, it's almost like having two point guards out there?
LORENZO ROMAR: With the way we play, the more players on the floor that can handle the basketball, the better. When they're out there, I don't think you can pressure us. I think both of them are quick enough and good enough with the ball that usually we can get the ball where we need to get it. They also provide a lot of quickness out there out in front for us.
Thank you.
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