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November 22, 2007

Lee Seung-Ho


Q. How was it out there?
LEE SEUNG-HO: It was pretty good. We missed a few shots on the par fives but this is a good score. We'll need to shoot a few more birdies in the next fourball day on Saturday. Both of us played well. I missed shots on two holes today but Lee Sung came in and made some great saves.

Q. Is it hard to communicate with him (as Lee Sung is deaf)?
LEE SEUNG-HO: He understands me a lot. I just need to look at him and talk to him and he understand me. It's good.

Q. How do you encourage each other out there?
LEE SEUNG-HO: We're not going to say sorry to each other. In golf, it's always possible to miss shots. We will both miss shots but we'll be saying don't worry about it and try to get back a shot at the next hole.

Q. Just two shots off the lead?
LEE SEUNG-HO: It's a good start. We want to try to stay up there for the week. But we've got a strong field. It's our first time in the World Cup. We are a good match, Lee Sung is a good player and I'm okay. We're going to try hard. It's exciting to be here. I'm not nervous or anything like that but we certainly want to enjoy the week.

Q. Highlights of the round?
LEE SEUNG-HO: I made a long birdie putt from 25 feet on the fourth, chipped in for birdie on the seventh and holed another birdie from 25 feet on the ninth. Lee Sung came in with three birdies on the back nine and he also birdied the second hole.

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