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November 22, 2007

Alex Cejka

Martin Kaymer


Q. Martin, how was that experience, playing for the first time, and also Germany defending; did you feel pressure to do really well?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, it was just an awesome experience, especially to play with Alex. He was playing very well today and he was the old man of the team and he has the experience and I tried to get used to it right now to play more these kind of tournaments.
But it was a lot of fun out there especially we played with the Chinese guy, and there were a lot of crowds that were following us. I think we are right now in a really good position, but there are still 45 holes left.

Q. There are 54 left, not 45.

Q. So Alex, did you feel you got caught up in things being with the Chinese Team because the fans were with you?
ALEX CEJKA: Yeah, in the beginning it was a little bit tough, taking a lot of pictures from a lot of spectators. But even our playing partners, they explained exactly to shoot the photo after the shot.

Q. They were helping?
ALEX CEJKA: They were helping, also and they had a pretty good start, the Chinese. We are trying to match them.

Q. Looks like you'll be in the last group now tomorrow, as well.
MARTIN KAYMER: We want to sleep in every day, that's our goal. We are still jet-lagged and don't want to play at 7:30. (Laughing).

Q. Is this the sort of thing you've always wanted to get involved in when you started out your career?
ALEX CEJKA: Yeah, definitely, these are the highest tournaments on the Tour, especially if you go to Valderrama, to the World Cup, it's just special. And if you play for your own country, that's special, as well. Yeah, really looking forward to the future.

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