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November 18, 2007

Mark Knowles

Daniel Nestor


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously third time lucky. Can you talk about what it means?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, we played a great match. Everything was clicking today: serves, returns. Pretty much the way you want to end a season.
I don't know what more to say. We played unbelievable. It's, you know, a huge win for us, one title that has eluded us. It's been a very good year.

Q. Mark?
MARK KNOWLES: Yeah, it's exciting. We played a great match today. Like Daniel said, third time lucky.
You know, we're playing great tennis together. As he said, we're a great team. Really it always makes it even more special to put it together in a final. We played probably one of our best matches of the week. Just a great way to end the year.

Q. Daniel, your serve, you had I think four Love games, then dropped two points at the end. Are you pretty impressed with that?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, I mean, I served well. I volleyed pretty well. I think that last game, I think Julian was waiting for that first serve. I think he started running there before I hit it. He hit it really well.
Second serve return was pretty good, too. It's important to get first serves in when you're serving at a tournament. I was able to get a few first serves in after that. They missed a couple returns.
Obviously, it was huge to finish out that game 'cause the game before we had Love-40. You know, if we lose that game things could get very interesting (smiling).

Q. Any second thoughts now or is this the end?
DANIEL NESTOR: It's just a very difficult question.

Q. That's why I asked you.
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, I know. Put me on the hot seat. I appreciate that (smiling).
Yeah, there's always second thoughts. Whenever you make a decision, you know, nothing's ever - for me at least, I'm not a great decision person. You know, right now we have different partners heading into next year. But I'm not going to start thinking about the future or make any predictions or this and that.
I don't know. I don't know what more to say. Seems like every time I have said something about this subject I've gotten myself into trouble, so I'll just leave it at that (smiling).

Q. Mark, you took out quite a few items and gifts and threw to the crowd. Were you ready for this? Were you beforehand prepared for this moment, to win and throw the gifts to the crowd?
MARK KNOWLES: I'd like to think that I was that confident to where I plan my after-match celebrations.
But, no. You know, you always hope to win. But, you know, we played so many matches, so many finals, and everyone's always very tough in the final. We played a great match. You're very happy at the end. I wanted to give away a few things.
I didn't quite take it quite to the Michael Llodra striptease, but I tried to give a lot (smiling).

Q. What about your individual partners next year? Could you name them? What is your schedule basically next year? Also, for example, any participation in the Olympics planned?
MARK KNOWLES: For me, I'm playing with Mahesh Bhupathi from India. We're going to start in Sydney, play the Australian Open.
As far as Olympics, you know, I obviously hope to play again. I played four Olympics and I love it. It's really special. There's nothing better than representing your country. You know, I'll try to do my best and hopefully represent my country in the Olympics.
DANIEL NESTOR: Me, I'm playing with Zimonjic, Nenad Zimonjic. Pretty much the same schedule. Start in Doha, Sydney, Australian Open.
Olympics, I will be playing, if I qualify. I'm not a hundred percent sure of my partner right now, either Frank Dancevic or Fred Niemeyer, one of those two.

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