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November 15, 2007

Juli Inkster


PAM WARNER: Juli, thanks for coming and joining us. Great round today, 4-under, tied for second. Just talk about your day out there.
JULI INKSTER: Basically I played pretty good, hit a lot of greens on the front, made a good birdie putt on No. 8, maybe 2-under, and then I birdied 9.
I made some good pars on 13, 14 and 15, and then just kind of parred in. I'm very happy with my round. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.
PAM WARNER: Can we go through your birdies?
JULI INKSTER: No. 3 I hit in two with a 7-wood to about 18 feet, two-putted for a birdie.
No. 8, I hit 7-iron in, about 20 feet, made that for birdie.
No. 9, I hit sand wedge in about four feet, made that for birdie.
No. 12, hit pitching wedge in about ten feet, made that for birdie.
That's it.

Q. Because of the nature of this tournament where scores eventually get wiped out, are you just happier that you're playing well rather than the score you shot?
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, I mean, last year I was kind of -- I was in one of the playoffs on Friday, and then I was kind of so far back to make -- I had to shoot 66 or 67 to even make it to Sunday. You know, this year is a completely different mentality, where you want to just kind of get in on Friday and then get in on Saturday, and then you have to put the mojo down on Sunday and make some birdies.
You know, it's like you said, I'm happy with the way I'm playing. I hit the ball pretty good today. I played very conservative on a lot of the holes because you just don't want to shoot yourself in the foot on the first day.

Q. Do you keep an eye on what the middle is?
JULI INKSTER: Not really today. I was keeping more of an eye on what's leading, just because I was kind of more that way than the other way. You know, I'm happy with my round. I think the wind is supposed to pick up the next couple days, so you want to get as far ahead as you can.

Q. Players have often talked about they're putting to win the U.S. Open, putting to win different majors. For this tournament when you practice, do you practice, this is for a million dollars? Because that actually could happen.
JULI INKSTER: No, but my husband does. He practices for me (laughter).
No, I don't. You know, I don't play for the money, I play for -- I love the game and the competition. You know, we've got a long ways to go. This is one round. Come Sunday if I'm sitting here, then we'll talk about the million.

Q. You've obviously been out here a year or two. What would it mean for you to be the oldest player in the field and win this tournament? And just talk about, there's so much discussion of the young 21-, 22-year-old kids, and two of them together.
JULI INKSTER: Well, I mean, it is. It's great. The young kids are playing well. They're fun to watch. They're great for our Tour. I'm all for them being out here.
But still, even though I'm 47, I feel like I can still play and still can compete with them. You know, I've been there, that age, and I've been same as them. You know, everybody just kind of has their little decade, and I'm very happy where I'm at. I'm glad I'm at the tail end of my career instead of starting. I'm happy to have my kids almost grown. You know, I'm in the Hall of Fame. I'm glad I'm just not starting over. I like where I am right now.
PAM WARNER: Thank you.

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