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November 13, 2007

Jonas Bjorkman

Max Mirnyi



Q. Can you comment on your performance.
MAX MIRYNI: Well, it's round robin format. We've got one more match to go. Still possibility. You know, I guess that's the way we have to look at it.
Today we played better than we did in the first match. If the tendency continues, we're still alive. You know, that's why this format is great for that matter. It's so unpredictable till the very end.

Q. Jie Zheng is your partner. Can you tell me something about her.
MAX MIRYNI: We've had great two tournaments we played together. The French Open was the first experience last year, and the Wimbledon following that year. You know, we became a little friendly. Jie improved her English tremendously in a couple of months. We had a lot of fun.
We made a good result at Wimbledon. Then I believe already through that summer she had an injury issue with her leg or her hip, so she started to play less doubles and mixed doubles. Perhaps in the future we'll have another chance to play with her. I would love to. She's a great player and a good girl. I think great for Chinese tennis.

Q. This year you played well in singles matches, Bjorkman. How can you keep in good condition for so many years?
JONAS BJORKMAN: Well, it helps to be a little bit more inconsistent. It's obviously tougher for me to play well every week. When you get older your recovery is not the same, but I still enjoy it and still trying to improve.
Still improving at my age, which is why it's still so much fun to play tennis. You know, you got to be a little lucky, as well. But I try to work hard on my fitness, which is the most important for me at my stage.

Q. You take part in so many tournaments every year. Do you feel tired?
JONAS BJORKMAN: Periods, yes. After Wimbledon I always go to Bastad, which is a tournament in Sweden. It's a very hectic week. After that one I feel like I would like to have two months off every year the last two, three years.
That's mainly because I've been playing 10, 11 weeks in a row. I'm not coping as well as I did in the past with that schedule.
It's a little bit more ups and downs during the year.

Q. When will singles players focus on doubles matches?
JONAS BJORKMAN: I focus on both. Like both me and Max, we always try to achieve our goals in singles and doubles. For us I think that's the most fun and enjoyable, to play both. We always try to go out and do our best in every match.
Same plans.

Q. Generally speaking, when will singles players?
MAX MIRYNI: Generally speaking, when will other singles players play doubles? I'm translating a little.
JONAS BJORKMAN: What about that?
MAX MIRYNI: Well, generally speaking, I think it's become much more physical, especially in the last five to ten years to play both. In the '80s you see McEnroe and Edberg playing both. Now it's become much more physically demanding to play both.
Jonas is probably the oldest one now, with Santoro, that is still able to do that. The system is encouraging more and more singles players to participate in doubles, and we see that improving from week to week.
But when it comes to major events, it's very tough to ask top singles guys to commit a hundred percent to doubles play. That's why you see more of a doubles specialist end up winning the doubles tournaments.

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