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November 10, 2007

Padraig Harrington


Q. Tell us about finishing on a high note like that and a good day.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: It was a reasonable day, but obviously a day that I would look at as disappointing. If I finished, obviously I had a good chance to finish 10-, 11-under par and I would be right in the tournament, but 7-under par is really an also-ran. It's depending a lot more on what people do.
Definitely, you know, hit a sloppy drive on the 14th, and hit good shots afterwards, but just couldn't get myself out of trouble. You know, from a hole that you know, you hit a decent tee shot, a lot of guys would make four on it. And those three shots are hard, they were tough.
And it made the next couple of holes on me, lost momentum at that stage, so it would have been nice tough, as I said, if you birdie 14, as I did play the last four in 1-under, that would be 10-under par or something like that, so would be right in there.

Q. Tricky conditions like yesterday?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I didn't think the conditions were any tougher than yesterday. I thought the condition were tough yesterday. I was surprised how good the scoring was yesterday, but it's the kind of golf course, you hit a couple of nice shots at the right time.
There are certain holes out there -- I made eagle at the second and see some eagles being made at 14 and 16. You know, a guy having a good day is able to shoot a good score out there. Certainly, there are 66s and 65s to be had, but then you could play pretty decent golf.

Q. So five, six behind, is that a little too far?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Well, I think if you have the day of your life out there, you can shoot 64, as has been done this week, and that's obviously what I'll be aiming for.
Realistically, it would be a lot easier to attack the lead from 10-under par than it is from 7.

Q. Can I ask a bit about your practise regime? It was great fun watching you on the range doing a Happy Gilmore.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I was just doing some trick shots. I was doing some stuff before that and messing around, Søren Hansen was there and we jury just fiddling around.
Yeah, I'm pretty good at the Happy Gilmore. Certainly when I get warmed up I tend to hit it pretty straight and good ball flight so, just a bit of fun.

Q. You looked like you were really enjoying that.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, you know, what more do you like than showing off on the practise range. (Smiling) It's a nice bit of fun. I was doing a couple other things before that, as well, so just fiddling around. I think everybody got a little bit bored yesterday afternoon on the range.

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