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November 4, 2007

Simon Dyson


Q. A couple of comments, your overall thought of the day?
SIMON DYSON: I played great. Even my bogeys, I wasn't hitting bad shots. It's just when it comes down to a bit of luck, I didn't get it.

Q. You were in a divot on 18.
SIMON DYSON: I thought I hit a great putt that just bounced left on a spike mark. Didn't want it back, four foot from the hole.

Q. It's a week where you must be really pleased.
SIMON DYSON: This isn't one of my favourite courses to be quite honest, but it shows my mental strength. I was really dedicating myself really good the last two years and in the gym and just finished in the top third last week.

Q. You know how tiring it is physically.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, you still see the shots better and stuff like that.

Q. Did you feel you were going to need a par at the last to win the title?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, he hit his tee shot -- you don't want the lie I got. That's the one thing you don't want. I've hit the perfect tee shot. And it was smacked down and I thought I played a great 7-iron. It just caught a gust at the end and came up short. I thought I played quite a good chip, lot of spin on it and just took a heavy bounce.

Q. You're moving up, but you can tell the way you performed the last day of Tulsa, you can see things going the right direction, can't you.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, take credit from what you did in America and try to do it today, and I did. I was 2-over at one point and got back to 2-under. It was a good week, good week.

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