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November 3, 2007

Simon Dyson


GORDON SIMPSON: Simon, I think as Mark just said there, it was just a bit of everything thrown into the mix there, and at the end of the day, you're still only four behind and in with a real shout of winning the Volvo Masters.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I got off to a great start. It's just I've never really done that great around here, so after two rounds, to be seventh, and then get off to a start like that, it was certainly good.
GORDON SIMPSON: What was the key today? You said you made four 3-putts, and presumably the long game is in fine shape.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, seven birdies around here, you've got to be doing something right if you're making seven birdies.

Q. Is that the most you've made in one round here?
SIMON DYSON: Probably. About seven probably; definitely. I holed a good putt at the second, knocked it to about 12-foot at the third, and knocked it to two foot at the sixth. I bogeyed 7, didn't I. Bogeyed 8; 3-putt at 9 for bogey, and then 12 was a big hole because I had just bogeyed; to birdie that after bogeying the 11th, it kind of got me back on track and birdied the next. Again, 15, birdied all the par 3s today, so they were very kind to me.
GORDON SIMPSON: That's an achievement in itself on this golf course.
SIMON DYSON: If you're shooting level par, you're doing all right out there to be honest.
Good birdie at 17, 3-putt on 18, nice way to finish.

Q. Did you go and kick the bag after that finish?
SIMON DYSON: No, there's time yet, though. (Chuckling)
GORDON SIMPSON: Thought he was going to kick me actually but never mind.

Q. Are you aware that you were sharing the lead? Were you looking -- did you know you were sharing the lead.
SIMON DYSON: No. Did Rosey drop a few, did he?

Q. Dropped three of the first two?
SIMON DYSON: Did he? Well, he's come back well then, hasn't he. He's come back well, back to four. Good player.

Q. Just out of interest, Simon, you're playing obviously to win here; how much does what's happening in the Order of Merit occur to you, think about it?
SIMON DYSON: Why, what's happening?

Q. I think you've answered the question.
SIMON DYSON: No, it's their battle, isn't it. (Smiling) it's between them two. See what happens after the 18th tomorrow, you know.

Q. What can you achieve tomorrow Order of Merit-wise?
SIMON DYSON: I don't honestly know. I don't honestly know. If I happen to win it, I don't know where that would move me. I know it would get me in next week.

Q. After the first round, 74, well back, I know there were three rounds to go, what were you thinking then after your 74?
SIMON DYSON: Well, I played good and again I got off to a good start and 17, showed how hard the course is playing, even though I shot 3-over, I was still in the top 30.
But I was playing well, got off to a good start and just dropped some stupid shots, but I knew I was playing well. So it's not my favourite golf course in the world, I've got to admit. But I seem to be getting around it okay this week.

Q. Do you think it can work to your advantage that they are maybe looking at each other and not thinking about who is coming from the field?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, maybe. I mean, I don't know how much they are thinking about it. I mean, obviously they are thinking about it, but when you're out on the golf course, I'm sure they are not -- they are just playing hole-by-hole and they won't be thinking, oh, that's going to cost me Order of Merit.
So I don't think it makes any difference, to be honest.

Q. Just one more, obviously you're not quite sure about next week, but how does the rest of the year shape up for you?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I'm going to go and play Hong Kong after -- if I don't play next week, I'll play Hong Kong, and then two weeks off and then I'm going to do the two in South Africa and then start in Abu Dhabi. So that gives me a couple of weeks off before South Africa, and then about four, 3 1/2, four weeks off before Abu Dhabi, so I look forward to that.
GORDON SIMPSON: You certainly put yourself through it, don't you, an awful lot of tournaments.
SIMON DYSON: I think having to do -- let's say I happen to win it, I'll probably go HSBC and Hong Kong and I'll skip South Africa then.

Q. Just out of interest, what haven't you liked about this place before?
SIMON DYSON: About Valderrama? I mean, the greens are always fantastic. I mean, it is a good test of golf. I just think it's a bit unfair at times. You can be stuck in the middle of the fairway and have no shot whatsoever, but I suppose it's the same for everybody, isn't it. The greens, it's always in immaculate condition. That's it, a very good test of golf.

Q. Do you think it's the kind of course where someone like Justin can easily, as he showed in the first two holes, just something can go wrong quite badly?
SIMON DYSON: Absolutely. You don't have to hit bad shots to get penalised around here, which is the thing about it. I mean, he probably didn't do too much wrong on the first two holes and before he knows it, he's 3-over par. So that's exactly the type of course it is. You've just got to try and not get annoyed about it. It's tough, very tough not to.
GORDON SIMPSON: Thanks very much, Simon, well done.

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