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November 1, 2007

Cameron Beckman


STEWART MOORE: Cameron Beckman, thanks for spending a few moments with us here at the Children's Miracle Network Classic. Fantastic opening round 66. Coming into the Fall Series, you were fighting to keep your card, so to speak. You came in under 127 on the money list. Right now you're 118, two top 5 finishes in two of your last three tournaments. Obviously playing some great golf.
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I had to. I didn't have a choice. Well, today was, I felt about compared to the stress level I've had the last six weeks, this was nothing. I felt like I was playing a practice round today.
Played with my good friend, Briny Baird and got off to a good start. Made a 40-footer for eagle, and almost made the next one on the next hole. And from there I played real solid.
STEWART MOORE: Course conditions out there, you guys played preferred lie, so it was obviously pretty wet. So did that hurt you much?
CAMERON BECKMAN: No, it was pretty wet yesterday, but it's dried up a bunch. You could find a lie, there was no casual water or anything like that, but a lot of mud on the balls. I suspect we'll play with that a couple more days. Hopefully, we'll continue to get no rain.

Q. How much grinding was going on on Sunday at Tesoro, that seems to be the round that made you safe?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Well the thing that was tough about that round for me, I knew if I played well I was going to be done. I was going to handle it. So we were fighting the time, the light.
I ended up putting my last putt basically in the dark, and it was just such a relief to get done. I couldn't even imagine having to go home and play the last hole or something like that.
But I was so excited to get it over with. I almost felt like I rushed a few shots on the back nine. I got away with it, but I was just so excited to get done. Here we are trying to get run and finish. It was kind of an interesting -- something you don't have very often, you know.

Q. You've actually played your way through Q-school three years in a row at one stretch. Do you know how many times you have been there? Obviously, you don't want to go back?
CAMERON BECKMAN: No, I've probably been there, I started in '93. I think it took me six times to get on Tour. And then I did the three in a row. And I think four times I've actually gotten my card at the school.

Q. So about ten then, doing the math?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah. Probably at least ten, maybe 11. It's been too many I can tell that you right now.

Q. When did you start the year? What was your status?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I got my card. I finished third or fourth or something like that at the Tour school. So I was up there pretty high.

Q. There was no concern about the start with the FedEx Cup, was there a lot of concern?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I was fortunate because I had such a nice finish. I think my number out of school was 10. So I got in pretty much everything I wanted to play. I missed the FedEx Cup deal, so I had four weeks off.
Looking back on it, I think it was a good thing for me. Worked on my game pretty hard, and then, you know, obviously I played pretty good the last, I guess, seven weeks.

Q. Where did you finish? About 160 or so?

Q. Yeah.
CAMERON BECKMAN: 149. Was it 149? Something like that. 149.

Q. Then you were just spending the rest of the year on the Fall Series?

Q. Is that a four week vacation or four weeks of training camp?
CAMERON BECKMAN: No, I took some time off. Hit a lot of balls. I got ready to go. I knew my position coming into the Fall Series. I just, I've been playing pretty good, and not getting a lot out of it. I just felt like, come on, let's go. I don't want to go to TOUR School. And with the FedEx Cup, you don't want to be in the TOUR School.
There are a lot of guys that have hardly played 21, 22 events this year, so you're just behind the 8 ball out of the box with the FedEx Cup now.

Q. Some guys have kind of equated the Fall Series to seven weeks of Q-school?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, that's kind of been my approach. My whole thought process has been I'm going for it. Let's start right now. You've got nothing to lose. Let's see what you can do. Basically, playing pretty much the same.
It just depends on how I putt. I've been putting better, making a lot of putts. Like today, a 40-footer for eagle out of the box. That just makes, you know f I don't do that, it's maybe a different day. Just putting changes the rounds so much.

Q. I was going to ask you about that last putt, too. It seemed to rim in.
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I made a 35-footer at the last hole just trying to keep it. So when you're playing, that's the kind of stuff that happens.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I started on the back nine. I went eagle, birdie, I almost made it on the 11th hole. Then I birdied 16 and 17.
STEWART MOORE: What did you hit?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Sand wedge. Or 3-wood, made a 40-footer on 10. And 11 I hit a sand wedge about like that.

Q. Translator's not going to pick that up.
STEWART MOORE: About 3/4 an inch.
CAMERON BECKMAN: On 16, I hit 10 feet. And 17, I hit it 6 feet. Then I missed a couple birdies in there. And missed some nice up-and-downs on the front. And I made the long one on 9. Pretty nice day. Hit 15 greens. Hit that one with a 6-iron.

Q. What did you use?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I hit driver and a 6-iron. Golf course is playing pretty well. I'm very happy with 6 under on the course right now. It's not playing usual, everybody just bangs it out.
STEWART MOORE: I was going to ask you, did they make any concessions on the tee boxes because there was absolutely no run out on the drives now. Did they move them up at all, give you a break?
CAMERON BECKMAN: We played normal tees. They've got all those new tees out there. We did not play the back one on nine. Didn't play the back one on 17. Where else? I think the only back tee we played was on 5. Which I hit 6-iron in there. So it was downwind.
It definitely they toughened it up, no doubt.

Q. When you start out so hot, and then you stay consistent with the string of pars where you're just trying to stay patient? Not get too ahead of yourself or what was that?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I'm in such a nice, relaxed mode right now. I wasn't really too worried about it. Just doing the best I could and playing them.
I didn't really have a whole lot of chances on that nine. But to be honest with you, I'm so relaxed, I assure you that.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
CAMERON BECKMAN: My focus has been so tight, because first of all, I'm hitting the ball really nicely. When you have to do something, there is just so much more focus.
I knew the numbers, you know. It's pretty cut and dry. I just started gaining confidence, because I was so focused in what I was doing, you know, it just carried into today.

Q. On a stretch with 0 being most stress, and 10 being less stress. What is the difference between 127 on the money list and 118?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, I could take a nap sitting here right now (laughing).

Q. As opposed to 127th you're bouncing off the walls?
CAMERON BECKMAN: The top 150 is not terrible. That's in the back of my mind, too. You get straight to finals. I have had some success at finals. I'm making a little more than I was, but I'm definitely much more relaxed right now.

Q. Why are you here?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I don't know. My back is killing me. I have no idea why I'm playing.

Q. You were already in Florida?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, and I've been playing good, so I told my wife, I've got to play. But my back is just in half right now. We'll see. I've got to go get it worked on when we're done.
I'm actually swinging everything about half speed right now. I did last week, too. And I've been hitting it good, so I just went with it.

Q. When did that start?
CAMERON BECKMAN: When the Fall Series started.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
CAMERON BECKMAN: No, but I can get it loosened up enough to play. Like right now when I get out of this chair, I'll have a hard time standing up. But I'll get some ice on it and work on it. I only have a few more days.

Q. When did that start?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I think '04. I hurt it real bad. I've got the bulging disk going. I don't have any nerve pain, so I can handle it. But it's just really stiff, you know.

Q. How did Briny play today?
CAMERON BECKMAN: He made a triple there on 17. He started off birdie-birdie. Then had a come of three-putts and then a triple. I think he finished 1 over.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Get the what?

Q. (Indiscernible)?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I think to be honest with you, I had one good finish here. I never could understand how people shot the low scores at these courses. But the palms is the one you're supposed to put the hurt to. So hopefully I'll continue to play good and hammer them out. What's going on over there? Are the scores good today?

Q. Not as low as usual. You're leading, so there you go. That's where Rhodes shot 60 last year?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, normally this is just an absolute beating. But it's playing longer, I guess.
STEWART MOORE: Thank you for your time. Good luck this week.

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